2 Tycoons Lose Multibillion Beach Property to Villagers

  • An aerial view of Diani beach at the Coastal region
    An aerial view of Diani beach at the Coastal region
  • Two foreign tycoons lost a multi-million beach property to villagers at Mambrui area, Kilifi County, after the Environment and Lands Court ruled in favour of the locals. 

    The two Italians are shareholders of a firm that was alleged to own over 1,000 acres of land in Magarini constituency. They wanted the villagers kicked out of the parcel while accusing them of encroachment. 

    They also demanded that the government should revoke other title deeds that had been granted to the squatters. 

    A court in Kenya.
    A court in Kenya.

    Justice James Olola ruled that the duo was unable to defend their title deeds for the land, thus revoking it and later declaring it null and void. 

    "There were no demonstrations by the plaintiff here that can warrant us to protect their rights as per the Constitution of Kenya. 

    "Accordingly, the plaintiff's suit must fail. I dismiss the same with costs," Justice Olola declared adding that they also failed to provide enough witnesses to defend their allegations. 

    The court directed the Ministry of Lands to resettle the 3,000 villagers on the land they had fought for over a decade. 

    "The rich usually take advantage of us. We have cried for justice for years and I want to thank Malindi courts for protecting the rightful owners," one of the villagers said. 

    The Environmental Complaints Committee disclosed that land grabbing at the coast was rampant, with the locals usually disadvantaged as the wealthy bribe their way around government offices and the courts. 

    "We have got to a point where all grabbed land must be returned to citizens. All the illegal constructions will be demolished. Especially those encroaching pathways.

    "We have seen most of the structures are near the beaches and are releasing effluents directed to the facilities.," stated the committee's Secretary General John Chumo adding that they would crack down on land grabbers and those who acquire property through other illegal ways. 

    In January 2021, the government moved to seize a Ksh 400 million beach house which belonged to Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha who were convicted by a US court for drug trafficking. 

    A photo of a beach front in Kenya
    A photo of a beachfront in Kenya
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