Citizen TV Actor Luwi Unveils Next Projects After Maria Show

  • Actor Brian Ogana who plays the role of Luwi in television series Maria.
    Actor Brian Ogana who plays the role of Luwi in television series Maria.
  • Celebrated Citizen TV actor Brian Ogana, who plays the role of Luwi in the hit-show Maria, has revealed his next project following the winding up of Maria on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

    In an exclusive interview with, Ogana revealed that he has three major projects he is working on including returning to school for his Masters Degree.

    He also confirmed that he would take a break from acting for a while to set up a hub for creatives and start his own YouTube Channel.

    "I am going back to school to study Master's in Communications. I am still trying to figure out whether I should go to Daystar or UoN (University of Nairobi)," he noted

    Maria Actor Brian Ogana who plays Luwi Hausa on the hit show.
    Maria Actor Brian Ogana who plays Luwi Hausa on the hit show.

    Creative hub

    The actor also revealed that he was elated to take a break from his acting job in order to do all the things he has always wanted to do.

    One of the passion projects he has been obsessing over is creating a hub for creatives in Kenya after noticing that the country lacks a proper theater school.

    "For now, I just want to chill and be behind the scenes. I think the pressure has been real for me, and I am holding on for a while. 

    "I have an initiative I push called Never Give Up. The essence of it is tapping into the youth and bringing up individuals equipped with soft skills for the job market. The focus will be on you talent and how you can finesse that," he explained.

    He says his focus will be on high school students and has even reached out to Kenya Film Classification Board headed by Ezekiel Mutua and other stakeholders for an input into the project.

    "How I want it tailored is, it should be more like a training. My passion will be High School students because that is where the entire generation begins. It will be more of an online thing.

    "I am still on the negotiating table, whereby I am reaching out to the Kenya Film Classification Board, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Arts & Culture. I am looking forward to have stakeholders come forward and tap into this potential," he continued.

    Citizen TV actors Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Yasmin Said (Maria) pose for a photo during live set in August 2020

    To boost the endeavor, he intends to launch a YouTube Channel that will provide educative materials for creatives across the country.

    He notes that his content will gravitate around theatre arts, IT, fashion and design, Modelling and Make-up among others, and will be shared across all his social media platforms.

    In an earlier interview, the actor had revealed that he was considering a career in investigative journalism.

    "Time will tell, but I am embarking on investigative journalism," he noted at the time.

    Ogana runs an apparel business he launched in 2015 located at Imenti House, that he says has served some of the most influential people across the country.

    An image of Luwi
    Brian Ogana posing for a photo at the 2020 Kalasha Awards red carpet on Saturday 12 December 2020.