Man Kills Colleague Over Dinner Preparations Dispute

Undated file image of a suspect in handcuffs after being arrested
A file image of a suspect in handcuffs after being arrested.

A man is being held at a police station in Kirinyaga awaiting arraignment in court for allegedly stabbing his colleague following an argument over food.

The suspect is alleged to have stubbed 30-years-old Charles Mbogo inside their shared house, killing him on the spot - after they disagreed on whose turn it was to cook.

Police said that the two friends argued over who should prepare supper on the night of Saturday, March 20, before matters got out of hand.

The suspect is alleged to have reached for a kitchen knife and stabbed the victim repeatedly in the chest.

A hand holding a knife
A hand holding a knife.

Reports indicate that the two friends worked together at a farm in Mung’etho village, Ndia Constituency in Kirinyaga County. 

Anthony Muthike, a witness, told police that he heard screams coming from the house, prompting him to rush to the scene to investigate.

According to Muthike, he arrived at the scene and found Mbogo lying dead on the floor, in a pool of blood.

"He had serious injuries on the chest and other parts of the body," said Muthike.

The suspect is said to have escaped from the house after neighbors rushed to the scene upon hearing the commotion.

Acting on a tip-off, the police were, however, able to flush out the suspect from his hideout and took him to Sagana Police Station.

Mbogo’s body was taken to Kibugi Funeral Home.

In an unrelated incident involving a fight over food, a boy allegedly set ablaze 24 estate houses after a fight over a piece of chapati. 

The young boy is said to have clashed with his friends at their home and lost his cool, at which point he allegedly set a mattress on fire, which spread fire to other houses, burning down a total of 24 houses including theirs.

An image of fire
Residents of Blue Estate in Nairobi trying to put out a fire on Tuesday 13 October 2020.
Dominic Mwangi
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