Helb Loan 2021 Announced: How to Apply for First Time Undergraduate

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    Moi University students at a graduation ceremony in August 2019
  • The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has opened applications for students wishing to get the first-time undergraduate loan for the year 2021.

    The announcement came after the loans body received Ksh2.8 billion from the National Treasury for disbursement of loans to needy students.

    Helb declared that the deadline for the applications would be March 31, 2021.

    One can apply for the loans on HELB's new portal which centralises all the information of an applicant.

    HELB contact centre. Applications for the second and subsequent undergraduate loans 2020-2021 financial year are open.
    File image of HELB contact centre

    About the HELB Loan Portal 

    The system is very easy to use. When you register and login you will have access to everything from loan application to allocation and disbursement status.

    Any registered or existing students can have free and unlimited access to the portal.

    One can access HELB loan for studies as a government sponsored or privately sponsored student in a recognized institution of Higher Learning.

    A student is eligible for a HELB loan at any stage of their academic program.

    Create an account on the HELB portal

    1. Visit HELB Student portal website

    2. Click on the Tab Indicated create account to create your HELB account with a new password.

    Create an account on the HELB portal
    Create an account on the HELB portal

    3. Confirm your email and phone number to gain access.

    4. Log in to your account using your email and password.

    5. Fill in your profile on the portal with your details. Personal details including Name, ID number, KRA Pin, Date of Birth, Religion Telephone Number, Gender, Marital Status and Indicate if you are employed.

    6. Also upload your photo and fill in your address both postal and physical address showing the County, Consitutency, and Ward.

    How to apply for HELB for the first time

    1. Before applying for any loan, you will have to take the financial literally assessment which is a multiple choice question and answer segment.

    2. After completing the assessment, you can click on the link First Time Undergraduate Loan Application

    Helb portal first time application procedure
    Helb portal first time application procedure

    9. Fill the form accurately. Don’t skip any step (You will be expected to fill in personal details, education, university, parents, family expenses, guarantors, and Bank details).

    10.After you have completed filling your form accurately go to the homepage to confirm whether you have filled your form correctly

    11. After confirming that you have filled your form correctly go to the home page and then click the icon indicated “Print Form” to print your HELB Form.

    12. After filling your form, ensure that all the parts required to be signed have been signed

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How much is charged as loan Interest?

    HELB offers Undergraduate direct entry, TVET and Afya Elimu loans which
    are repayable at an interest rate of 4% p.a.

    I am below 18 years, Can I access HELB Loan

    HELB loan is a legally binding agreement between HELB and the applicant
    therefore until you attain the age of 18 years you cannot apply for the loan. Please note, you cannot use another person’s National ID to apply for the loan because it is illegal and a criminal offense.

    How do I get the HELB loan?

    If in need of the loan, you MUST apply and submit a loan application every year for the course duration regardless of whether the previous application was successful or not.

    What happens if I am unsatisfied with my loan award?

    You may also appeal/ request for a review of your loan award if you were not satisfied with the previous award. This includes unsuccessful applications.

    HELB Contacts

    For more queries, applicants are advised to visit the Helb website: www.helb.co.ke 

    Email: contactcentre@helb.co.ke 

    Tel: 0711052000 

    Facebook & Twitter: @HELBpage

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