CCTV Captures Matatu Speeding Off Without Paying Fuel Attendant

  • Matatus parked along Accra road.
    Matatus parked along Accra road.
  • A CCTV footage seen by captured a matatu speeding off from a petrol station after refusing to pay the fuel attendant his dues. 

    The footage captures the night incident as the driver flees immediately after his car is filled.

    The fuel attendant is seen running after the vehicle and nearly gets hurt even though he does not succeed in apprehending the rogue driver.

    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.
    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.

    Kenyans on social media condemned the driver’s action saying that it had become a common habit in recent days. 

    “Shame on the driver. Fueling and running away without paying. Not only was this blatant theft but also endangering the life of the attendant and eventually the general public,” Ahmed Mohamed said.  

    Other Kenyans asked the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the Directorate of Criminal Prosecution (DCI) to move quickly and arrest the driver.

    Kenyan motorists have been hit hard by the fuel prices which the government increased since mid-March, 2021. 

    The increase in prices resulted in some motorists driving all the way to the Tanzanian border to fuel in a bid to save some cash given the state of the economy in Kenya. 

    As the government continues to enforce the second curfew in select counties in the country, public service vehicles also continue to feel the pinch with many of them saying that they are making less than half of what they were used to earning.  

    Recently, the Nairobi Matatu Operators boss Jamal Ibrahim surprised President Uhuru Kenyatta while he was on a tour at the Green Park Terminus with an aim of discussing the motorist's plight.  

    Reports indicated that Jamal managed to set up an official meeting with the president where they would discuss an appropriate solution to mitigate the impact of the lockdown. 

    These are some of the reasons that could have led to the the motorist's behaviors including the one captured on the CCTV footage below.