Shots Fired as Male KCSE Candidates Storm Girls School at Night

  • 10 KCSE candidates from Anestar Bahati Boys were arrested after they were caught at night in a girls school on April 8
    10 KCSE candidates from Anestar Bahati Boys were arrested after they were caught at night in a girls school on April 8
  • Police were forced to fire in the air after male students at Anestar Boys in Nakuru County stormed their sister school at night. 

    The incident saw detectives arrest 10 KCSE students from Anestar Bahati Boys in Nakuru county after they broke into Anestar Precious Girls Secondary school. 

    The students, who are sitting their Kenya Certificate of secondary education examinations, had sneaked out of the school in numbers and accessed the neighboring girl's school dormitory.

    According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the girls raised alarm, and police officers from Githioro Police station responded swiftly.

    However, their arrival at the school did not deter the boys who were determined and hovering in the dorms. This forced the officers to fire in the air to scare them. A majority managed to escape but they were able to arrest 10.

    KCSE students sitting the national exam

    The ten KCSE candidates are now in police custody at Dundori patrol base as they await further action and police try to establish their mission.

    Several incidents have been reported during this year's national examinations period. On Thursday, April 9, a KCSE student in Kiambu county escaped from an examination center after refusing to be frisked. According to reports, the boy allegedly hurled abusive words at an officer causing a commotion.

    The student who did not have a mask caused a scene and destroyed a police vehicle before jolting out of the school compound. 

    In another case reported on March 6, a school principal went after a candidate who had escaped from the examination room in the middle of a mathematics paper. The nervous student who had already made it to the fence had to be soothed with a cup of milk to get him to go back and complete the paper.

    On Tuesday, April 6, a school principal was arrested for allegedly leaking the mathematics paper two a few hours before the actual exam began.

    According to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education George Magoha, his ministry had examined the contents of the leaked paper and established that it did not match the KNEC Maths test that was done on that day.

    At the onset of the national examinations, students had raised fears that the exams would be too hard. Magoha dismissed their fears and assured fairness stating that there was no need to panic while he was addressing students at Chavakali High School on Saturday, March 6.

    "Do not worry about the examination. We are aware you were at home for nine months, so your hope must remain alive. Do not get stressed. If you believe in God, you will all pass,” the CS assured the students. 

    A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.