Meet Chris Kirubi's Successful Son in Law - Andrew Musangi

Raphael Tuju (far left), President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Andrew Musangi (far right)
Raphael Tuju (far left), President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and Andrew Musangi (far right)

The mention of the word billionaire Kenyan businessman almost certainly rings the name Chris Kirubi to the majority of Kenyans. 

The self-styled businessman has earned a name for himself as one of Kenya's successful entrepreneurs - so much so that the UK government at one time spied on his moves as part of trade intelligence operations

However, many kenyans would be surprised that Kirubi has a son-in-law following in his footsteps - albeit without the flamboyance of DJ CK. 

Andrew Mukite Musangi, one of Kenya's most connected lawyers who not only walks, but also reigns in the corridors of power - both in government and in the private sector. 

He is the chairman of the powerful Jubilee National Executive Board and was instrumental in the 2017 Jubilee party nominations - including handing the presidential nomination ticket to President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

With the succession politics where the ruling Jubilee Party is at the centre-stage, Musangi will be playing a critical role ahead of the 2022 general election

In government, Kirubi's son-in-law chairs the powerful Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

PPRA deals with the monitoring, assessing and reviewing the public procurement and Asset Disposal system to ensure they respect the National values and other provisions including Article 227 of the constitution on public procurement. The body has extensive powers in overseeing all tenders handled by government agencies. 

The University of Hull graduate also runs his own law firm - Mukite Musangi and Company Advocates.

In 2014, a company associated with Chris Kirubi won a Ksh174 billion tender for the construction of the Lamu Coal Plant. 

A Chinese firm, Shanghai Consortium, contested the tender and hired some of Kenya's top legal brains - Senior Counsels Fred Ngatia and Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

Kirubi turned on his son-in-law as the contest was taken to a tribunal - Musangi won the case. 

Musangi and his wife Mary Ann Wambui
Musangi and his wife Mary Ann Wambui

His expertise in matters commercial and corporate law saw his appointment into different boards.

He sits at the board of Resolution Health East Africa Ltd and is also the Chairman board of trustees, GenAfrica Asset Managers. The company deals with asset management offering investment opportunities without exposing clients to unnecessary risk.

Musangi and his Mary Ann Kirubi, have managed to keep their personal life off the media.

In 2009, just at the onset of their marriage, Musangi and his wife Mary Ann Wambui went after the Standard Group Limited, over an offensive article published in one of its newspapers, regarding their union. 

The newlyweds took their plea to court accusing the defendant of defamation. Musangi and his wife won the case. The judge ordered Ksh3 million be awarded to each of them for damages. 

Mary Ann, Kirubi's only daughter, has amassed experience in branding and advertising - working with some of Kenya's top brands. 

She now works for the family empire and is currently the Managing Director at Haco Industries.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Mary Ann is also an entrepreneur as she founded and runs the Olpul Steakhouse and the Two Rivers Mall. 

Andrew Musangi
Andrew Musangi Poses for a photo with Ahmednasir at a past event