High-End Cars Impounded in NTSA Crackdown [VIDEO]

  • An undated image of cars in traffic in Nairobi's Central Business District
    An undated image of cars in traffic in Nairobi's Central Business District
  • National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Monday, April 12, impounded high-end cars with registration plates not issued by the authority along Langata Road, Nairobi.

    A video doing rounds on social media showed different types of cars such as a black Volkswagen Touareg, white Mercedes Benz, white Toyota Land Cruiser parked on the side of the road with their number plates confiscated. 

    The video was shared widely on social media and received mixed reactions from Kenyans as the majority took issue with the new crackdown.

    File image of NTSA traffic police inspecting a PSV matatu

    "Quick question, why are you impounding new generation registration plates which you have issued and Kenyans pay extra money for? What's the rationale?" KTN News Anchor Ben Kitili posed a question to NTSA.

    "So what are the options? We buy cars and motorbikes to keep them in the garage? Why can’t you just produce them as fast as you are arresting drivers for your ineptness. 

    "So why not actualize the new generation plates so that you close this issue of violations? For how long will Kenyans persevere using these ugly plates done at prisons," read some of the comments online.

    NTSA had initially issued a statement warning drivers against using customised plates that are not of the prescribed design according to section 12 (1) of the Traffic Act. 

    "No motor vehicle or trailer registered under this Act or driven under the authority of a general dealer’s licence shall be used on a road unless there is fixed thereto in the prescribed manner the prescribed number of identification plates of the prescribed design and colour on which is inscribed the identification mark of the vehicle or of the general dealer’s licence," reads part of the Traffic Act.

    The authority affirmed that those who would not adhere to the guidance would be prosecuted. Further, NTSA had also sounded a warning to rogue matatus which contravened the law.

    NTSA pointed out rogue behaviours from matatus such as overlapping and driving on the wrong lanes of the road as causes of various accidents within the city.

    "We are in receipt of this report. We will take the necessary action. Drivers must be mindful of vulnerable road users. Remember, everyone is a pedestrian," NTSA warned.

    Watch the video below:

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