NTV Hires Top Ex-KTN Anchors

  • File image of a news set at NTV studios in Nairobi
    File image of a news set at NTV studios in Nairobi
  • The Nation Media Group has hired two media personalities who recently resigned from KTN.

    A 31 seconds video posted on NTV's social media has been edited in a way that shows only the sides of the faces of the two anchors, their shoes, clothes, leaving the audience to speculate who the duo is.

    Kenyans.co.ke has since learned that Fridah Mwaka and Lofti Matambo and are expected to co-host the 7 pm bulletins. It is not yet clear on which days they will be hosting.

    Former KTN anchors Lofti Matambo and Fridah Mwaka (R)
    Former KTN anchors Lofti Matambo and Fridah Mwaka (R)

    The duo are expected to start working on the first week of May. 

    "For now, only the teaser has been released to keep the audience guessing but after a week, a promo will be out," an insider stated.

    The move came just days after Matambo marked his last bulletin on KTN. Matambo thanked his fans for supporting him and his employer, The Standard Group, for giving him the opportunity.

    In his message, he told his fans to expect to see him in a TV station near them. He had worked at the station for seven and a half years, having joined the media house as a reporter.

    On her part, Mwaka also called it quits at the Mombasa-Road-based TV station on March 21, 2021.

    She joined the station in March 2018 to replace Mashirima Kapombe who had left KTN to Citizen TV.

    "You have been my fans and always made me better in this field of Journalism. Time has now come for me to leave KTN News," she said.

    About two weeks ago, an insider at Nation Media Group (NMG) told Kenyans.co.ke that Matambo alongside two other high profile KTN News anchors; Ben Kitili and Lindah Ogutu were in talks to join NTV.

    Watch teaser below;