How Kenyan Nurse Built Prime Apartment Block From Savings

  • Writing dreams and aspirations on paper may sometimes seem far fetched and unachievable until one day, the dreams come true.

    This statement replicates Veronicah Mumira's story. A Kenyan who left the Country at the age of 20 to seek greener pastures in Australia.

    A nurse by profession, Mumira saved up money for 20 years to build an ocean view apartment block in Mombasa, Kenya. She did not get any bank loans for the multimillion project.

    Veronicah Mumira, the owner of Georgia luxury apartments
    Veronicah Mumira, the owner of Georgia luxury apartments

    "I did not borrow any loans so the money I had saved is what helped me fund the project in Kenya. It has not been easy but I was very determined.

    "I wanted to show Kenyans that even though one door is not opened, you can still push yourself to the limit and make it happen," she stated on Alex Chamwada's Daring Abroad show.

    During the construction of the apartment, Mumira was still in Australia but followed the project through every step to its completion.

    She noted that there were consultants on ground who were constantly in communication with her.

    "I monitored the project on CCTV cameras. I know what is happening on the ground, zooming during management meetings so it has been great," she narrated.

    Mumira noted that she acquired her entrepreneurial skills from her mother who owned a clinic in Likoni and wanted to give back to the society.

    "If there is an opportunity, make use of it," she advises.

    "I have served Australia half my life as a public servant because I am a registered nurse and mid wife. I have left the continent but my heart is still there. I wanted to give back to the community," she concluded.