3-Yr Old Kenyan Comedian Gets Over 14 Million Views

  • TT Terence
    A file Image of TT Comedian
  • A three-year old kid comedian has impressed Kenyans with his confidence and sense of humour.

    The bright and bold boy who goes by his stage name "TT Comedian", is making waves on YouTube by cracking people up with his unique comedy.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, the comedian's manager revealed that they started posting his videos online last year.

    “At his tender age, we noticed he was different. That is when we decided to tap into it.”

    A file Image of TT Comedian in school uniform.

    Upon realizing his potential, they decided to officially launch his YouTube channel in January this year.

    Five months in, he has wowed Kenyans with his unique sense of humour and his delivery of jokes.

    With only 19 videos on YouTube, he has amassed over fourteen million views.

    In one video dubbed "TT comedian meets slay queens" the minor garnered over two million views - an impressive fete that few adult comedians in Africa can match.

    The skit shows him interact with elder Nairobi women and makes an attempt to advise them.

    “The mother is an actress, so he grew up watching what she did. He started attending shoots at a young age which familiarized him to the industry,” explained the manager.

    The child’s grasp on day to day issues has created a sense of relatability with the audience.

    His videos have different settings such as going to school, conversing with his grandma, advising his parents as well as calling out his parents.

    TT is enrolled in school at the PP1 level. Owing to the fact that he has to attend school, they shoot the videos over the weekend.

    “In as much as he has a gift, we also want him to attend school, that is why we shoot on weekends.Our dream is to see him perform on a big stage worldwide. His gift will take him far,” commented the manager.

    YouTube created a platform for kids, YouTube Kids. it caters to the needs of children by protecting them from inappropriate content. It also has parental control features that allows them to filter the content children interact with.

    Through the platform, children can monetize their content.