Meet Tugi: Njugush's Son Making Waves on YouTube

  • Comedian Njugush (right) with his son Tugi (right).
    Comedian Njugush (right) with his son Tugi (right).
  • Comedian Njugush has a huge following on social media and recently his son has also made strides on social media channels with his own unique style of humour.

    Blessed Tugi has warmed his way to people's hearts with his innocent yet comical take on life circumstances much like any other child.

    His YouTube channel set up by the parents already has 56,000 subscribers since the first video was uploaded two weeks ago.

    Blessed Tugi has grown a huge following on YouTube from videos on his channel
    Blessed Tugi has grown a huge following on YouTube from videos on his channel

    The child's take on everyday issues as well as comical interaction with his parents is one that resonates with many Kenyans.

    Most of the time, the child is filmed in different situations such as going shopping with his mother Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye as well as commenting on various issues such as joining school and the state of the nation - his video imitating Health CS Mutahi Kagwe went viral.

    The videos have garnered thousands of views so far, with each averaging around 60,000 views and the most viewed having 200,000 views. 

    From left: comedian Njugush, Tugi (middle) and Celestine Ndinda (right)
    From left: comedian Njugush, Tugi (middle) and Celestine Ndinda (right)

    For children, YouTube developed YouTube Kids that provides a version of the service-oriented towards children, with curated selections of content, parental control features, and filtering of videos deemed inappropriate viewing for children aged under 13.

    Digital strategist Brian Muuo explained to that the platform had a huge database for kids content as it also a revenue stream for content creators.

    "On YouTube for kids, parents can monitor their children's content and even create channels for their kids basically doing childish things like playing, running and conversing," he observed.

    A 7-year old boy in the US, Ryan was ranked among the richest YouTubers having raked in Ksh1.1 Billion in revenue via his YouTube channel.

    "The channels can be monetised by getting ad revenue as well as selling merchandise," he added.

    In 2019, YouTube moved to temporarily remove comments from videos that featured minors after controversy over predatory comments.

    At the time, the platform stated that it had launched a better algorithm to let it automatically “identify and remove predatory comments.” 

    In Kenya, a number of media personalities have also gone to set up social media pages for their children with some stating that they are using the accounts as digital photo albums.

    Among the children with pages are Betty Kyallo's daughter Ivanna, Bahati's children; Morgan, Heaven, Mueni and Majesty as well all with thousands of followers.

    Size 8 and DJ Mo have also established Instagram pages for their children with their daughter Ladasha having over 300,000 followers.

    Watch one YouTube video of Blessed Tugi below:

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