Fire Burns Down Waiyaki Way Apartment

  • Building on fire
    A file Image of a building in Thiong'o, along Waiyaki Way on Monday,14 June 2021.
  • An inferno on Monday, June 14 2021, burned down a section of an apartment building at Thiong'o Road area - off Waiyaki Way.

    According to eyewitnesses, the fire broke out at midday and quickly escalated to the point where the building's roof caved in.

    Shortly after, a fire truck and an ambulance arrived at the scene. Access to the building was a challenge owing to the haphazard building plan in the area.

    The firefighters finally accessed the building and quickly worked towards salvaging the building. 

    A file Image of a building fire at Thiong'o on Monday, June 14 2021.

    The police arrived and contained residents from going towards the building.

    At the time of publishing, the fire had been contained. No casualties were reported from the occurrence. The cause of the fire is yet to be established.

    There has been a surge in fire cases in Nairobi, especially in informal settlements.

    The most recent inferno was in Nairobi's Donholm Area, which saw the fire engulf several buildings- A residential building, business premise, and a popular restaurant in the area. 

    The National Disaster Operations Centre stated that Nairobi has seen an increase in the rate of fires in urban areas.

    In a previous interview, a County Director of County Fire and Rescue Services cautioned on major causes of fires in buildings namely; electrical faults, cooking equipment, cigarettes, domestic violence, children playing and improvised lanterns.

    He warned residents against the Illegal tapping of electricity and lose connections, and use of adulterated fuel in their paraffin stoves.

    He termed them as the leading causes of infernos in Nairobi apartments and slums.

    A file Image of a fire at Thiong'o, Waiyaki Way.