Dutchman's Children Reveal lntimate Details of Night He Was Murdered

  • DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
  • The children of a Dutchman who was found murdered in his apartment on June 4, 2021, have made their statements with the police, painting a picture of what could have taken place the night he was murdered.

    The children aged 14 and 16 disclosed that on the unfortunate night, their mother Riziki Cherono opened the door for three unknown men who went straight to the master bedroom.

    Afterwards, they heard their father Herman Rowenhorst screaming. They wanted to respond to the screams but could not as their bedroom door had been locked from outside.

    Police Vehicle
    Police Vehicle

    "As we prepared to go to their bedroom, we realised that our bedroom door had been locked from outside and we could not leave the room,” one of the children told the police.

    "There was silence in the house. Our mother escorted the three men and drove off with them," they continued.

    In addition, they disclosed that their father had asked Cherono for a divorce after 13 years in marriage. Cherono was, however, not pleased about the developments.

    "They were fighting often.. Our dad told us that he would no longer live with my mother but would continue to take care of us," the children stated.

    On the fateful day, Rouwenhorst's lifeless body was found lying in their bed. His hands and legs had been tied and his mouth gagged.

    On the other hand, Cherono was found by police officers strapped tightly in her car seat and calling for help near the Serena Beach Hotel.

    Cherono told the police that she was bundled into the car and the thugs drove her to Serena area where they abandoned her. She claimed that they were armed with blunt objects.

    Coast Regional Commander Paul Ndambuki indicated that the investigations were at an advanced stage and vowed that those involved would be brought to book.

    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene