67 Police Officers in Hospital Over Mental Issues - Govt

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    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai speaks at the annual police conference held on Monday, July 5, 2021
  • The National Police Service has revealed the worrying number of officers who are being treated with mental health issues in the country.

    According to the Police Director of Chaplaincy, Counseling, and Psychological support, 101 officers have received mental health treatment at Chiromo Lane hospital.

    34 of the 101 have already been discharged, while 67 are still under active treatment.

    Undated image of An entrance to a Police Station
    An image of a police station in Kenya

    He added that those who have been discharged have been giving a positive report about the treatment and are happy to rejoin the community.

    To address the cases, county police commanders have received integrated training on how to handle cases of skyrocketing cases of mental health.

    The bosses have been on proper means to educate their juniors and help them handle such cases.

    Nyali Police Station, Mombasa

    So far, 127 counsellors and chaplains have been deployed to various stations across the country to handle mental health issues.

    The Police boss has dismissed claims that low pay is among the reasons police are sinking into mental health issues.

    The service is keen to change job satisfaction which is seen as the top solution to curb the increasing cases of mental health.

    The service has insisted when the environment gets better even the work of the officers gets better.

    The need to address mental health issues has been necessitated by the recent spike in cases of violence involving police officers.

    The number of those who are facing criminal charges for taking matters into their own hands has been increasing. This week alone, more than two cases of police shooting colleagues have been reported.

    Inspector-General of Police Hillary Mutyambai at the Karen canteen, Nairobi
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