Families Accuse KWS Following Abduction of 4 People In Nyeri

  • Undated image of KWS rangers on patrol
    Undated image of KWS rangers on patrol
  • The families of four men who were abducted at different times moved to court to compel state agencies to explain the whereabouts of their kin.

    Phoebe Muthoni, the wife of Isaac Mwangi, told the court her husband had confided in her and was fearful for his life.

    According to the Nation, Muthoni stated in an affidavit that Mwangi informed her that KWS rangers were trailing him.

    Justice Florence Muchemi being interviewed by the JSC in June 20, 2019
    Justice Florence Muchemi being interviewed by the JSC in June 20, 2019

    Justice Florence Muchemi ordered KWS, DCI and IG of Police to appear before it and explain why they won't provide evidence on the abductions.

    Isaac Mwangi, Samuel Ngacha, Bernard Wanjohi,  Gerald Guandaru and Wilson Mwangi, 26 went missing two weeks ago under mysterious circumstances.

    Their families filed a habeas corpus application seeking to have the court compel security agencies to reveal if they were being held by the State.

    A habeas corpus is the right of someone who is in prison to appear before a court of law so that a judge can decide whether that person is being kept in prison legally.

    Mwangi was travelling with his wife and 10-year old child when a Subaru Forester blocked the road and ordered him out of his vehicle.

    According to his wife, the attackers had guns when they stopped them and took Mwangi before driving away in the Subaru Forester, leaving both the wife and the daughter by the road.

    "He asked me if I know how to drive and I told him that I didn’t know how to, he got into our car and started driving us away then they took my husband into their Subaru Forester and told me in swahili ‘huyu tunaenda na yeye kwa gari tuone kama tutaskizana," Mwangi's wife stated.

    Things however took a dramatic turn when she got to Naro Moru and discovered that an employee who worked for her husband, Wilson Wairimu had also been taken.

    But two days later Mrs Mwangi was travelling with their relatives in Naro Moru when they were stopped by gun-wielding men.

    Benard Wanjohi and Samuel Ngasha who are Mwangi's cousins were abducted at gunpoint and the family stated they had not received any news from their kidnappers. 

    The six relatives who were travelling together stated they were ambushed at the Solio junction by men in three vehicles.

    A few days later another Nyeri businessman Gerald Gwandaru was kidnapped by unknown men. Four days later no one knows his whereabouts.

    Wife of missing Nyeri Businessman Isaac Mwangi
    Wife of missing Nyeri Businessman Isaac Mwangi
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