Kenyans Trick & Arrest Ugandan Police Officer

Undated image of Ugandan police officers
Undated image of Ugandan police officers

A Ugandan police officer was tricked and arrested by fishermen from Nambo and Honge beaches in Bondo Sub-County, Siaya County.

The fishermen told journalists they were attacked by Ugandan police officers and their boats confiscated on Lake Victoria on Friday, July 16.

According to the Standard, Nambo Beach chairman, Alfred Ochieng explained that the Ugandan officers arrested them and ordered them to board one boat with the officer who was patrolling Lake Victoria.

Uganda Police officer who was arrested by Kenyans on July 16, 2021
Uganda Police officer who was arrested by Kenyans on July 16, 2021
The Standard

But the officer missed the direction to Sigulu Island and started asking them where to follow since it was night time. The fishermen took this moment to mislead the officer and directed him towards Honge Beach.

On arrival at the beach, the fishermen overpowered the Ugandan and held him before confiscating the Ugandan boat.

The officer who was in full Ugandan Army regalia was picked by officers from Usenge Police Station, who rescued him from an angry mob.

In 2020 Kenyan authorities held hostage the bodies of nine Ugandans who drowned in Lake Victoria opening a diplomatic row between the two East African countries.

The authorities issued an ultimatum to their Ugandan counterparts, demanding them to release two Kenyan fishermen that had been arrested and their boats confiscated.

The Kenya Coast Guard authorities remained adamant that the bodies of the nine dead Ugandans would not be released if the two Kenyans were not freed.

The boat, which was headed to Honge beach from Uganda, capsized leading to the death of 10 passengers. 10 other passengers who were aboard the boat were rescued by fishermen who had heard their loud cries.

Police officers stated that the accident might have been caused by strong winds and overloading.

The Coast Guard Service Officer in charge of Inland Squadron Bernard Mibei addressed journalists stating that the boat was ferrying agricultural produce.

Boat that capsized in Lake Victoria in May 2019
Boat that capsized in Lake Victoria in May 2019
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