12 Dead After Tanker Overturns, Explodes [VIDEO]

Petrol tanker explodes on Sunday, July 18
Petrol tanker explodes on Sunday, July 18

Atleast 12 people have died in the wee hours of Sunday morning, July 18, after a fire erupted from a petrol tanker that had overturned in Malanga along Kisumu-Busia road.

According to Gem OCPD Moses Chacha, the nearby residents had gone to fetch fuel after the tanker overturned. Minutes later the tanker exploded.

Chacha also confirmed that 11 people had sustained numerous injuries as a result of the accident.

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The tragedy was condemned by a section of Kenyans online who questioned why the locals resorted to fetching fuel from the tanker hence endangering their lives. 

"Kenyans never learn. We have refused to learn that a fuel tanker is not our friend. Now, 13 people are burned to death (sic) as they siphoned fuel from an overturned tanker that exploded at Malanga in Gem, Siaya County last night."

"11 injured. God have mercy on your people," ODM's communication director Philip Etale stated.

Past cases of siphoning fuel from overturned tankers have mostly ended in tragedy as most locals end up losing their lives.

A past instance in 2009 saw over 100 people killed in Molo. In 2011, nearly 120 people died from a fire at a fuel spill in Sinai slum.

In 2019, police officers managed to disperse locals who attempted to siphon a tanker that had overturned along the Thika Superhighway.

Past reports indicated that the tanker had tried to overtake another lorry before losing control and tumbling over on the side of the road.

The police officers swang into action and managed to block all roads in order to prevent any calamity from the tragedy. No injuries were reported. 

A fuel tanker on the highway
A fuel tanker on the highway



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