Residents Siphon Fuel After Tanker Overturns on Thika Road [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

  • A petrol tanker on Monday, October 14 overturned causing major traffic on the Thika Highway.

    According to a source who spoke to members of the public crowded the scene siphoning petrol from the truck that overturned near Kenyatta University.

    More reports indicated that the police blocked all speed lanes after the minor accident that has resulted in heavy traffic.

    An overturned petrol tanker on Thika road near Kenyatta University.

    Motorists ploughing that route complained that the traffic stretched as far as Githurai 45 along the Thika highway.

    This comes weeks after another a fuel tanker overturned in Kamara, on Nakuru-Eldoret Highway.

    Past reports indicated that soon after the accident, police arrived and engaged in running battles with residents who were keen on siphoning oil.

    The officers are reported to have dispersed the crowd, cordoned off the scene and diverted traffic to a rough road further from the site.

    It is alleged that the driver of the tanker was attempting to overtake another lorry when he lost control of the fuel tanker which then tumbled over.

    Some residents who responded to the tragedy, however, are reported to have been able to siphon fuel before police officer swung into action and scattered them away.

    Past cases of siphoning fuel from overturned tankers have mostly ended in numerous deaths with the deadliest being the case in 2009 that killed over 100 people in Molo.

    The overturned petrol tanker on Thika road moments before locals began siphoning fuel.

    Locals standing next to an overturned oil tanker on Thika road.


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