Mother Confesses Killing Her Child With Poison Over Disagreement

  • 27-year-old Mary Nduku, arraigned before a Machakos court for allegedly poisoning her two children
    27-year-old Mary Nduku, arraigned before a Machakos court for allegedly poisoning her two children
  • Mary Nduku, a 27-year-old woman from Machakos County was on Monday, July 18, arraigned in court for attempting to kill her children by poisoning them.

    The heinous act left one of her children dead while leaving her other child fighting for dear life at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital in Machakos county.

    The woman confessed to the crime, saying that she had no idea what possessed her to commit such a diabolical act. The mother of three committed the act after having a disagreement with her mother, Teresia Mwikya.

    "My daughter gave two of her children drugs meant for injecting cows...she poisoned them on Friday and came to my house after carrying out the deed," narrated Nduku's father.

    "She came back home with the children looking frail and sick. The children were then rushed to the hospital on realizing this," further explained Nduku's mother.

    Machakos Level 5 Hospital
    Machakos Level 5 Hospital

    In a strange twist, however, the mother of four is accused of having engaged in a romantic relationship with her 27-year-old uncle Dominic Mbithi, prompting a strong reaction from her parents who were shocked and angered by the illicit affair.

    "She wants to marry her uncle...she went to her uncle's residence and we had to go after her and warn her that the kind of behavior was intolerable," explained Nduku's father.

    Nduku however, never heeded her parents' advice and went back to her uncle's home and carried on with their illicit relationship. 

    Dominic Mbithi, her uncle in question, eluded authorities in Machakos County after police established he was a person of interest in the poisoning case.

    Police in the County are now pursuing any leads that will lead to the apprehension of the fugitive.

    The killer mother had been experiencing significant challenges raising her three children, including the victims of her poisoning, a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old. She then moved back home to live with her parents in Machakos County two years ago.

    Nduku said that she was driven to move back to her parent's household after her business failed to make any substantial profits to sustain her family, and says she was driven to poison her children after the disagreement with her parents.

    An image of a bottle half-filled with poison
    An image of a bottle half-filled with poison
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