CCTV Captures Gang Robbing Estate at Daytime [VIDEO]

  • A screenshot of CCTV footage showing the thieves entering the gate
    A screenshot of CCTV footage showing the thieves entering the gate
  • Residents of Kibomet area of Kitale are now living in fear following a sharp rise in burglary cases. 

    This is after a gang of three men was captured on CCTV cameras breaking into several houses in broad daylight before making away with valuables worth thousands of shillings.

    In the CCTV footage captured on July 30 and seen by, the three men are captured in action but a quick response by one of the residents causes them to flee.

    Two of the gang members, as captured in the footage, can be seen accessing a private home compound through the main gate and surveying to ascertain the presence of the owners before alerting a third member to join them.

    An undated photo of police officers and detectives at a crime scene in Kenya

    The third member of the gang is seen carrying a sophisticated tool that they then use to break in and gain access to the house.
    A family member who was in the house is attracted to the noise coming from the door only to find the three men in action when she heads for the exit.

    “I heard a strange sound that resembled a door breaking. I peeped to ascertain what events were unfolding outside. I met them face-to-face,” narrated Lydia Muiri.

    “I immediately questioned them about their agenda, they just turned away and got into their car which was parked outside, and left immediately. I was so scared that I could not scream,” she added.

    The gang is allegedly targeting household electronics and any other valuable items found in homes.

    Residents are also accusing police of complacency, saying that their reports have not been acted upon.

    On the other hand, police say they have heightened surveillance efforts in the area in a bid to capture the thugs.

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