Veteran Politician & Former Kamukunji MP Dies

  • An undated image of Former Kamukunji MP George Nthenge
    An undated image of Former Kamukunji MP George Nthenge
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  • Wednesday, August 11: President Uhuru Kenyatta eulogised former Kamukunji MP George Nthenge as an elder statesman, and an icon of Kenya's independence struggle who played a pivotal role in entrenching democracy in the country.

    He lauded the fallen veteran as a highly respected person whose life epitomised the rich political history of the Kenyan nation. 

    "It is because of the solid foundation laid by Hon George Nthenge and his generation of leaders, and their work over the decades, that Kenya stands tall in the community of nations as a strong, democratic and prosperous nation," Uhuru stated.


    President Kenyatta wished Mzee Nthenge's family God's comfort as they mourn their departed patriarch who died on Tuesday, August 10, aged 94. 

    According to Edward Musembi, Nthenge's eldest son, his father had been discharged from a Nairobi hospital a few weeks earlier and was resting at their Buruburu home before his demise. 

    Various politicians hailed the politician as one of the greatest leaders in the country's history. 

    Veteran politician George Nthenge
    Veteran politician George Nthenge
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    According to Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua, the veteran politician succumbed to Covid-19 complications. 

    "I am sad to learn of the passing of Hon. George Gregory Nthenge, at the age of 94, due to Covid-19 complications," tweeted Governor Mutua. 

    "Former MP and Minister, Mzee Nthenge, was a brilliant and visionary leader. He survived tragedy and celebrated life. He is one of the greatest leaders of Kenya. Rest In Peace."

    During a previous interview with Nation, Nthenge noted that he wished to be buried two feet below his wife, who had died in an accident 41 years ago. 

    The 1978 tragedy saw the former MP survive a road carnage that claimed the lives of his wife and ten children

    “If all goes according to plan, my beloved second wife, Scholastica, will be buried two feet above me. I love them that much," Nthenge previously stated.

    Nthenge was the last remaining politician who traveled to Lancaster to agitate for Kenya's freedom in the 1960s.

    Throughout his political career, he has served in different positions. In the 1960s, 1970s he served as the Member of Parliament for Iveti South in Machakos. 

    He also served as the Kamukunji MP between 1992 and 1997 and is hailed as one of the founding members of the  Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (FORD) party.

    Veteran politician George Nthenge
    Veteran politician George Nthenge
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