Ex-NTV Anchor Laban Cliff Onserio Quits Uhuru's Media Team

  • Outgoing PDU Communications Director Laban Cliff Onserio (left) and State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena.
    Outgoing PDU Communications Director Laban Cliff Onserio (left) and State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena.
  • Former NTV news anchor Laban Cliff Onserio has exited President Uhuru Kenyatta's Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) after serving for three years.

    In his exit message, Onserio noted that he was privileged to work with a team of high achievers since joining the team in October 2018 as the Deputy Director of Communications.

    He also thanked the Head of State as well as some of his mentors for according him the opportunity to serve the public in that capacity.

    "My time at the Presidential Delivery Unit has come to an end... This was various teams of 40 professionals who came in from in country and out of the country to join PDU.

    Former KTN News anchor while at Nation studios
    Former KTN News anchor while at Nation studios.

    "I was honoured and I thank God for the opportunity to have been appointed to join the Presidential Delivery Team. It has been an amazing experience. I look back with great nostalgia in terms of the training we received from top government officials on how to really cut our teeth in public service," stated Onserio.

    During his tenure, he noted that PDU achieved several milestone with his best being the return of the World Safari Rally in which he participated as a competitor as well as the organiser.

    "A highlight for me at the PDU was when we went across the country and got first hand perspectives on how these projects are actually impacting on the citizens. These stories really got me in the sense that as a country we have so much potential and have achieved so much but we rarely talk about it.

    "Something that was very close to my heart was when His Excellency the President achieved his objective of bringing back the World Rally back to Kenya after a 19-years-hiatus. I exit knowing that I've done my fair share of work to ensure that based on how I came in I.ve really tried hard to get it delivered," he added.

    Onserio launched his career as a motorsport rally driver in early 2018.

    In 2013, Onserio quit his HR position at General Electric to join media. He explained that he quit the job because it did not give him the ability to grow his talent.

    Onserio started his media career in London where he worked for the Consumer and Business Channel (CNBC).

    He quickly made an impression when he held the second best position in the Diaego African Business Reporting Awards.

    While in the UK, he received a call from Bloomberg South Africa but before he responded to the request, he received another offer from Nation Media Group (NMG). 

    He accepted the job at Nation after considering their offer. 

    Below is his PDU exit video: