Social Media Helps Reunite Nairobi Mom With Her 2 Lost Kids

  • Nursery school children make a queue
    Nursery school children make a queue
  • Brenda Akoth, a mother of two, on Thursday, August 19, reunited with her children who went missing on Wednesday after they left school. 

    Her joyous reconnection to the young ones is largely owed to a viral tweet about their disappearance. A missing persons' post was extensively shared across popular social media platforms.

    The two children were found by good samaritans around Kenyatta University (KU) in the early hours of Wednesday, August 18.

    They are reported to have run away from the home in Dandora. One of the Samaritans captured photos of them and proceeded to tweet their location. 

    Photo of the two kids which went viral on social media platforms.
    A photo of the two kids who went viral on social media platforms on Wednesday, August 18.

    The children were later taken to the KU security post where they reunited with their mother on the morning of Thursday, August 19.

    Speaking to, Akoth confirmed that she was reunited with her children after they had disappeared for an entire day.

    In the interview, she explained how she got wind of the children's whereabouts. Akoth's friends informed her of photos of her children that were making rounds on social media pages.

    It was at this point that she decided to visit a Facebook group by the name of Dandora Crime.

    From there, she was able to precisely determine her children's whereabouts and immediately proceeded to KU where she found them.

    “It is true that I have found them, I learnt about their whereabouts on Dandora crime. I am currently with them and we are headed home,” Akoth confirmed. 

    In addition to that, she revealed to that the pair was about to go to school just before they disappeared in thin air. They ran off after one of them shattered glass from a cabinet in their home.

    “One of them had broken glass from the cabinet. They thought I was going to reprimand them. Since I had gone to the shop to buy mandazi, I left them in the house. As I got back to the house for breakfast, they had already left, ” Akoth stated.

    Photos of the two have so far garnered over 11,000 shares and retweets on Facebook and Twitter.

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