Kenyan's Tweet On Arsenal Gets International Attention

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    Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka and Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku
  • A tweet by Allan Njane on the preview to the Arsenal versus Chelsea English Premier League (EPL) game has received international attention. 

    The die hard Arsenal fan tweeted a picture of Arsenal fans seated in a hall and captioned that he was attending a guidance and counselling session before the game.

    “I attended the pre game Chelsea vs Arsenal guidance and counselling session for Arsenal fans,” reads the caption.

    Supersport journalist Julia Stuart in the Supersport studios.
    Supersport journalist Julia Stuart in the Supersport studios.

    Since making the post, his tweet has received attention from the global football fanbase and has gone viral on twitter and other social media platforms such as TikTok.

    His tweet was also featured on the EPL preview show on Supersport. The tweet was featured on the football analysis show that was aired on Tuesday 24th August 2021.

    In the show, Supersport journalist Julia Stuart highlights the tweet on the fans reaction segment as the football panel discusses Arsenal's loss to Chelsea over the weekend

    “I thought that this was absolutely brilliant. This was someone in Kenya tweeting that Arsenal fans had guidance and counselling before the game in the weekend,” Stuart stated, as she burst into laughter.

    Speaking to, Njane reveals that he has received a lot of engagements on his social media platforms after his tweet was aired on the premier league show.

    He further reveals that the increase in his fanbase has enabled him to discuss Arsenal and football with his followers.

    “I have increased my fanbase in terms of Twitter following and I now have a space where I can communicate about Arsenal's future games and previous games,” noted Njane.

    In the Interview, Njane also states that he did not foresee the tweet going viral and was surprised by the attention it has received both locally and internationally.

    “It was just about making fun and talking about football in a comical way. It wasn't serious that there were Arsenal fans receiving counselling. The banters and the trolls are part of football and the derby was the best time to portray this. I am glad it got the hype around it,” Njane stated.

     The 25 year old digital strategist who currently has over one hundred and thirty thousand followers on Twitter, also reveals that he has gained over 1000 Twitter followers in a day since his tweet went viral.

    A photo of Arsenal fans seated in a hall.
    A photo of Arsenal fans seated in a hall.