NTV Journalist Anita Nkonge Quits

  • Outgoing NTV anchor Anita Nkonge.
    Outgoing NTV anchor Anita Nkonge.
  • Celebrated NTV news reporter, Anita Nkonge, has quit the Kimathi Street-based broadcaster.

    In a statement on Wednesday, August 25, Nkonge disclosed that she was exiting Nation Media Group (NMG) after serving for three years.

    Known for captivating environmental and health reports, the revered journalist hinted that she would be taking up new and exciting challenges.

    In her exit message, Nkonge said working at the media house, was a dream come true.

    Anita Nkonge takes a selfie at NTV studio with News anchor Mark Masai in the background.
    Anita Nkonge takes a selfie at NTV studio with News anchor Mark Masai in the background.

    "There are not enough photos or words that can sum up what has, for me, been three transformational years at Nation Media Group, particularly NTV. Working for NTV has honestly been one of my many dreams come true," she wrote.

    "I came in as a young intern and though leaving a few years later, I have grown in leaps and bounds as a journalist. I am grateful for the lessons, the impactful stories I managed to do and the people I met in the midst of it all."

    She thanked her editors and colleagues for according her the opportunity to sharpen her skills.

    "To my colleagues and editors, thank you for what has been an amazing and momentous chapter in my life. Really excited for the new chapter and new beginning," she added.

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Kent in UK, Nkonge secured a three-month internship at the Royal Media Services (RMS).

    She describes her stay in the UK as life changing, saying it taught her people skills.

    "I have learned to be open to every experience, every opportunity and every person that walks into my life," she added. 

    "Studying in the UK has introduced me to so many people from different parts of the world. My favourite thing is learning about their cultures – I’ve realised we all have a lot in common."

    Nkonge joins former NTV anchor Jane Ngoiri and Managing Editor of Nation Media Group's Broadcasting Division, Emmanuel Juma, who quit the station this year.

    NTV's Jane Ngoiri.
    NTV's Jane Ngoiri.