IG Mutyambai's Statement on Wash Wash Scheme

  • Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020
    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020
  • Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, on Monday, August 30, addressed the rising cases of money laundering in the country's capital of Nairobi.

    The money laundering business, commonly referred to as wash wash, has become so prevalent in the country in the recent past.

    Speaking on his #EngagetheIG forum, Mutyambai affirmed that several suspects have been arraigned and charged over the issue. 

    He added that the situation is being handled by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations' (DCI) Serious Crimes Protection Unit (SCPU), that has jurisdiction on such crimes.

    The DCI offiices in Kiambu
    The DCI offiices in Kiambu

    "We are aware of this and we have arrested and arraigned several suspects on the same. We also have a unit under DCI that deals with serious crime and continues to arrest perpetrators," Mutyambai stated.

    The IG urged Kenyans to desist from the get-rich-quick schemes that have lured majority of the public into huge debts.

    The scheme is presented as a lucrative deal that guarantees a huge and quick return on investment (ROI).

    Commodities that are widely marketed include gold and diamonds, stocks, bonds, goods and services supplies and real estate.

    A recent instance saw media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang'o receive harsh critisicm after being accused by blogger Edgar Obare of participating in the vicious scheme.

    Jalang'o, however, debunked the claims and attributed his wealth to opening multiple channels of businesses through honest means.

    "As you speak today, I think I'm a brand ambassador to almost five top brands. A brand ambassador, not influencer, for influencing I have a thousand and one. I'll tell you easily, there's a time I drive in this town and I see a billboard literally every single place, those things pay," Jalang'o stated during the Kiss 100 morning show. 

    The rebuttal came after Obare released a controversial thread implicating prominent businessmen in the scheme. 

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    Kenyan currency notes.
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