World Raises Ksh240M For Ailing Kenyan Baby

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    14 months old Ayah Lundt and her Kenyan mother Mary Mithika in Denmark
  • After 33 months of intensive online campaigns and fundraising, the family of baby Ayah Lundt can breathe a sigh of relief after raising the Ksh240 million needed to purchase the world's most expensive medicine.

    At 14 months, baby Ayah was diagnosed with a medical condition called spinal muscular atrophy. 

    The medication for the condition was, however, too expensive for the family and friends, prompting an online campaign.

    On Tuesday, August 31, through her instagram page, the family confirmed that it had hit the target. 

    Ayah Lundt on Oxygen supply after being diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in November 2020

     “After 33 weeks of sleepless nights and tears, we are here!!! We want to thank God for bringing us this far, for blessing us immensely even when we fall short of His glory, for guiding us and getting us here. For health and wealth,” the statement read. 

    In the statement, Ayah’s mother thanked her family and friends for their unending support since the child was diagnosed with the condition.

    The overjoyed mother could not hide her appreciation for people across the world who helped her in creating a network that not only helped raise the funds, but created awareness about Ayah's condition.

    Ayah’s condition is one the most rare ones. The condition is a genetic disease that affects the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and voluntary muscle movement.

    If not treated early, the hereditary disease progressively destroys motor neurons (nerve cells in the brain stem and spinal cord).

    Baby Ayah's condition had worsened to an extent she could not even turn her head, stand up or flex her muscles.

    Ayah received financial support through groups in Kenya, Denmark, Europe and the US. 

    A number of Kenyan celebrities helped in the fundraiser. Among them were Erick Omondi, Terrance Creative, Robert Burale and Betty Kyalo. 

    Through live sessions on their Instagram pages, the celebrities urged their fans to chip in their support so that baby Ayah could be treated.

    Together, they were able to raise Ksh7.3 million.

    Frank Lundt, wife Mary Mithika and daughters in a family photo.