Uhuru Hardliners Issue Fresh Demands For Handshake With Ruto

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    President Uhuru Kenyatta (right) and his deputy William Ruto (left)
  • Hardliners in President Uhuru Kenyatta's camp have issued tough demands to Deputy President William Ruto for the truce suggested by the clergy to take place.

    Led by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu, they have demanded that the second in command accepts that he wronged his boss.

    Through a detailed social media post on Friday, September 17, Ngunjiri asked DP Ruto to humble himself and issue a public apology to Uhuru sincerely and genuinely.

    In their list of demands, they have asked Ruto that after issuing the apology to the head of state he should not expect to be endorsed in the 2022 General Election.

    "Ruto first needs to accept he wronged his Boss. He then needs to humble down and lose his hubris. He should then get off his high horse and publicly apologize to Uhuru. Sincerely and genuinely - not these cheeky statements he makes. And without conditions. And not necessarily expecting to be forgiven. Or be supported in 2022," Ngunjiri wrote.

    Deputy President William Ruto worshiping with congregants during Sunday service at The Global Cathedral on September 12 2021
    Deputy President William Ruto worshiping with congregants during Sunday service at The Global Cathedral on September 12 2021

    Ngunjiri also made it clear that after Ruto making a public apology, it is within President Uhuru's right to accept or refuse his apology.

    "After that he needs to accept that even after apologising, and even if Uhuru were to decide to forgive him, Uhuru could still insist that he is not the right person to become President after him, especially after what he’s learnt about him during the last 10 years," Ngunjiri added.

    He argues that Uhuru has never wronged Ruto. He blamed Ruto for igniting the fallout and even going ahead to undermine his boss through name-calling and branding him with the dynasty tag.

    "Ruto has attacked Uhuru ‘personally’. Uhuru did not choose to be born a ‘dynasty’ as Ruto calls him. Attacking ‘dynasties’ is not just attacking Uhuru, but his family as well; including his kids and grandkids. And telling Uhuru that you can go after his family or others purely because they were not born like you, were he in power. It’s a very dangerous threat that’s very hard to forgive," he wrote.

    He added, "Ruto’s has undermined Uhuru’s decisions publicly. He has been very happy where Uhuru has failed. He has often publicly ridiculed his decisions on policies. Etc. He has also wanted to dictate who Uhuru can and cannot work with or associate with politically; including suggesting that Uhuru has lost his mind working with Raila - publicly. He has nothing but contempt for Uhuru’s decision to work with Raila, despite the realities that led to this difficult decision. How do you reconcile Uhuru with someone like that?"

    ICT CS Joe Mucheru commenting on the matter,he made it clear that the reconciliation talks are above his pay grade.

    Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi castigated the two leaders stating that the bad blood that exists between them is the cause of the current political friction being experienced in the country.

    Speaking on Thursday, September 16, Ruto extended an olive branch to the President, making it clear that he is ready to end the bad blood that exists between them unconditionally.

    "The bishops have said that they want to mediate talks to reunite me with President Uhuru Kenyatta. I'm ready for the talks without attaching any conditions. He is my boss," he stated.

    He added," I am ready without conditions any moment because we were elected by Kenyans together and they gave us the responsibilities of running the government for the stipulated time."

    President Uhuru Kenyatta Signing Government Documents
    President Uhuru Kenyatta Signing Government Documents