Why Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan Has Been Off Air

  • Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.
    Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.
  • Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan has been off the air for a few days and missed hosting the Nipashe Wikendi show with her husband Rashid Abdalla. 

    On Saturday, September 25, Rashid weighed in on her absence on the show, explaining the situation philosophically. 

    Kwa sababu zisizo hepukika Leo, mpenzi mtangazaji atakua mpenzi mtazamaji. (Due to unavoidable circumstances, our adored anchor will join and watch us from home),” he explained. 

    Citizen TV's news anchor Lulu Hassan
    Citizen TV's news anchor Lulu Hassan

    Sources close to the anchor disclosed that Lulu has been feeling unwell and is now recovering at home after a medical check up. 

    “She was quite unwell, but nothing extraordinary or alarming. We hope she will be better soon and rejoin us.

    “We wish her a quick recovery,” the source detailed. 

    Lulu also missed out on co-hosting the relationship advice section of their show as Bi Mswafari discussed how jobs and career choices affected marriages. 

    The marriage counsellor was hosted alongside psychotherapist Benjamin Zulu. 

    “Marry someone owing to the love in between you too. Love them and not the work they are doing,” Bi Mswafari advised. 

    “Friendship should matter above money and reputation,” she added. 

    Benjamin Zulu, however, argued that careers affect marriage and many unions fail as couples assume and fail to discuss such issues. 

    TV pundit and marriage advisor Bi Mswafari