Lulu Hassan Defends Citizen TV Show Over Bias Claims

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    Citizen TV anchors Lulu Hassan (left) and Rashid Abdalla (right) in an Instagram photo on Saturday, October 17, 2020
  • Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan has spoken against reports that her Saturday night show alongside her husband and co-host Rashid Abdalla is biased and prejudiced. 

    Lulu hosts popular relationship coach Bi Mswafari and sometimes includes experts in the fields of psychotherapy and marriage who issue advice to couples. 

    Her show, which was aired on Saturday, October 24, tackled issues related with looking for a good wife under the tag 'wife material'.

    Her guests had, earlier on, highlighted aspects of the topic they would cover, ranging from women who heap pressure on men to provide them with money to those who ensure the house is clean and has a good scent. 

    Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.
    Citizen TV News Anchors Lulu Hassan (Left) and her husband Rashid Abdalla.

    Bi Mswafari added that a wife ought to understand the role and responsibilities of the husband. 

    However, the topic did not augur well with some of her followers, despite a majority lauding her for the candid discussion she holds on sensitive issues pertaining to families. 

    One Wahito argued that the pressure accorded to women is outrageous as they also have to wait for husband material. Elvis added that one of his aunts thinks that the tag 'wife material' demotes women. 

    "The pressure on women is high. What happened to unconditional love? One must be this or that...women attacked left-right, Men are gods in this show," a netizen lamented.

    "These are some of the things I avoid the most not because I don't like advice or the truth but I feel like you attack women a lot. We are created so different and some things I don't think we can (handle) no matter how hard you try. I am hating marriage as much. That is my opinion but to those who feel it's worth listening (then that is their option)" Terry Murigi lamented.

    Lulu Hassan responded to her followers and defended the show stating that they cover a wide range of topics every Saturday and not necessarily focusing on women. 

    Speaking with  Pastor Robert Burale detailed that marriage is a compromise, where two people come together for a better life and they have to sacrifice some aspects of their lives. 

    "Marriage is a place where two imperfect people love each other perfectly and respect each other. The problem is young men and women have believed what they see in social media and want to replicate perfection displayed in Mexican soap operas," the motivational speaker and relationship advisor stated. 

    TV pundit and marriage advisor Bi Mswafari