Janet Mbugua's 15 Minutes of Fame at UN Global Event

  • Celebrated Media Personality Janet Mbugua Moderating a Session
    Celebrated Media Personality Janet Mbugua Moderating a Session in August 2021.
    Janet Mbugua/Twitter
  • Celebrated media personality and former Citizen TV news anchor, Janet Mbugua, had her fifteen minutes of fame as she moderated the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 76) on Wednesday, September 29.

    Mbugua starred in the world's most prestigious event that saw Ksh4.42 trillion set aside to champion gender equality.

    Her role in the event was exquisite, she called shots allocating all world influential decision-makers time to speak and when to speak.

    Her brilliance, boldness, and perhaps her welcoming demeanor won her the opportunity.

    Janet Mbugua
    Journalist Janet Mbugua at a past function in December 2020

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Mbugua stated that apart from moderating other events, she was greatly honoured to moderate the UN function. A moment never to forget.

    "I’ve moderated several events and always find it an honor and privilege to speak on a global stage about justice issues such as Gender Equality. As an African woman, it’s an honor to represent Kenya and Africa on the world map," she told Kenyans.co.ke.

    She got the rare opportunity to moderate the most powerful event for her engagement through the Inua Dada Foundation that champions for women's rights.

    "I’ve been part of the Generation Equality Forum through my Inua Dada Foundation. This forum was created to mark 26 years since the Beijing Women’s Conference and it brought together CSOs, World Leaders, Philanthropists, and more and the forum continues even during the annual UN General Assembly, a global moment where leaders come together," she stated.

    The global event was graced top women leaders with the keynote speaker being Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, Åsa Regnér.

    The event celebrated the historic success of the Generation Equality Forum that mobilised more than Ksh4.42 trillion (USD40 billion) in financial commitments to support key functions majorly on gender equality.

    Speaking about the funds raised during the event, she expressed her gratitude that it was going to help in advocating some of the issues affecting society.

    "During the Generation Equality Forum, 1,000 commitments were made by world leaders and organizations, and the USD40 billion was raised to progress Gender Equality."

    The event also saw diverse groups of Member States, private sector, youth, and civil society organisations, and international organisations showcase more than 1,000 commitments pledged in Paris and the ambitious plan ahead to ensure robust execution and global accountability. 

    Mbugua noted that she got the opportunity to engage with world leaders through her Inua Dada Foundation which champions for similar agenda covered at the event.

    "Just moderated a global panel at the 76th UN General Assembly, which was centered around 'What's next' after 1,000 commitments were made at the #GenerationEqualityForum, topped with USD40 billion set aside to progress gender equality," she stated.

    Her Inua Dada Foundation also benefitted from the event by being part of the Generation Equality Forum and forming #InuaDadaVoices and mobilizing young people to be the change they want to see in society, even birthing the clarion call pushing forward for another 26 years to achieve Gender Equality.

    The top agenda of the meeting was to drive increased public and private investment and deliver concrete, game-changing results for girls and women. 

    Her big break to moderate the UN General Assembly meeting comes just weeks after her foundation was feted.

    "Inua Dada takes a win for Africa! So excited to announce that Inua Dada Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of a global award from the World Association for Sexual Health. This was at the recently concluded 25th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health funded by Hivos," she announced the win on her social media page.

    The foundation which was launched by First Lady of Kenya Margaret Kenyatta on November 7, 2013, aims at providing a suitable environment for young school-going girls.

    The celebrated media personality has so far mentored and supported more than 12,000 school-going girls across the nation.

    Her book, My First Time, which was released in 2020 also highlighted some of the difficulties young ladies for going through in the first encounter with menstruation.

    File image of media personality Janet Mbugua
    File image of media personality Janet Mbugua