Speaker Muturi Exposes Tricks MPs Use to Earn Illegal Allowances [VIDEO]

  • Speaker Justin Muturi meeting with Mt Kenya East leaders on Friday, September 10, 2021.
    Speaker Justin Muturi meeting with Mt Kenya East leaders on Friday, September 10, 2021.
    Justin Muturi
  • National Assembly Speaker, Justin Muturi, has exposed tricks that Members of Parliament use to earn unjustified sitting allowances.

    During parliamentary proceedings held on Thursday, October 14, Muturi revealed that some of the legislators left the chambers immediately after signing in. He went further to state that the MPs use various ways to conceal their actions. 

    Muturi was responding to complaints raised by nominated MP, David Sankok, over the absenteeism of committee chairs.

    Undated image of parliament in session
    Undated image of a parliament in session
    Parliament of Kenya

    "Now you have brought in a debate, you know members, from where I sit, I am able to see this afternoon some chairs who come and purport to be greeting everybody just at the back there, sign in and walk back.

     "And when they are walking back, they make sure that there are not anywhere near my sight. I notice that...Anyway, we leave that to their respective conscience," Muturi revealed.

    In his response, the speaker also commended some of the committee chairs who are always present to answer questions raised by the legislators.

    While raising his complaint, Sankok noted that legislators were facing challenges in dealing with their constituency problems because the parliamentarians were frequently absconding house sittings.

    "Honorable speaker, the absenteeism of chairs in this house is wanting. They attract extra allowance so that they can be dedicated to being here. It is good that you have even advised them that they really have powers and you have delegated your power as the third in command.

    " We have over 30 chairs and 20 vice-chairs. They are supposed to be adding quorum. What happens to the flock when the chairpersons are absent," he protested.

    The nominated MP further urged the speaker to take action noting that they have a responsibility to ensure that the affairs of parliament run smoothly.

    "If there is a way that you can really whip them, or advise political parties to dewhip them so that some of us who are dedicated can get those positions. Honorable Speaker, I am seeking your indulgence on this," he urged.

    According to various media reports, members of parliament can earn up to Ksh100,000 in sitting allowance per month. The legislators are paid Ksh5,000 per parliamentary session.