Woman Jumps Out Of Moving  County Vehicle To Escape Kidnappers

  • An Undated Image of a Nissan Civillian Bus, Similar to the one Kadenge Jumped Off From
    An Undated Image of a Nissan Civillian Bus, Similar to the one Kadenge Jumped Off From
  • A saleswoman from Nairobi  was forced to jump out of a moving vehicle belonging to a County government to evade an alleged kidnapping attempt.

    According to Cameline Kadenge, on the fateful day, she was going about her business on behalf of a real estate company she works for. On Friday, October 22, she was posted to Kamangu, where she was distributing flyers to motorists along the road.

    Kadenge would then be expected to set up a date with potential buyers on which both parties would be available to visit the parcel of land.

    On that day, a minibus bulled over to the side of the road and the occupants showed interest in what the sales agent was marketing. The vehicle had an unusual number plate- that of the Kajiado County government.

    The occupants of the vehicle registered under plate number 34CG007A asked Kadenge more questions concerning the land including where it was located. She told them that the land was just three kilometres from where they had stopped.

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    An Image of the Bus Belonging to Kajiado County Government that Kadenge Jumped off From

    "They told me that since that was the only day that they were free, I could take them to the site to visit," she narrated.

    Given that the company vehicle was not available at the time, she asked whether she would join them in their mini-bus and guide them to where the site was. They agreed, and opened the doors to her, inside, it was an all-men affair.

    Kadenge thought she was safe, after all, nothing would happen to her in a vehicle belonging to a county government. They followed her every instruction, well, for three kilometres.

    When they got to the junction, the driver of the mini-bus sped off instead of turning left. Immediately, the sales agent asked the occupants where they were headed.

    "Today you will not be spending the night at your place," the driver said, and was seconded by another occupant of the vehicle, "Don't you know the kind of vehicle you boarded?" another occupant asked.

    Before she knew it, the man seated next to her began fondling her against her will. He was then joined by another, prompting Kadenge to stand  up for herself.

    In protest, she muscled her way off the seat and walked to the front of the bus. Here, she began screaming, while begging the driver to open the door. Blatantly ignoring her, he laughed her off.

    It was then Kadenge decided to do the unthinkable. She pushed the door open and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

    " I knew that I was not safe. The men in the vehicle clearly had bad intentions and I was not going to wait to be killed," she remarked.

    She landed on the murram road, rolling several times. As she collected herself together,  a private car stopped. The driver noticed that she was wearing the same clothes as other sales agents he had met along the road.

    The man listened to her and asked her to hop into his car and together, they went picking up two other sales girls , whom they now thought were in danger.

    One of her colleagues, Brenda, took a motorcycle and tried racing after the vehicle, while Emily accompanied her to the hospital, where she would receive first aid.

    When they caught up with the vehicle, the occupants were put to question on why they resorted to the heinous act. They denied claims by Kadenge.

    "You  knew where they were supposed to turn from. Why did you not tell them early enough?" another man tried to explain.

    They further claimed that they stopped after the girl jumped. However, the  men were bothered when they found out that one of the ladies was recording the discussion.  

    Kadenge is seeking justice over the alleged harassment. Her advocate has called on the Directorate of the Public Prosecution (DPP) and the police to take action.

    Perpetrators are yet to be arrested. Instead, they allegedly offered the victim an undisclosed amount of money, but she turned down.

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