Israel Announces Internship for 200 Kenya Varsity Students

UoN Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul Kiama and Israel Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Dvora Dorsman
Dvora Dorsman

The Israeli Embassy in Kenya has announced internship for 200 students.

Comprising students from universities and colleges, the 200 will travel to Israel where they will be hosted at the Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT).

Students selected for the internship will undergo an 11-month training at AICAT, where they will receive training in advanced modern  farming and theoretical studies. 

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200 Students Selected For the Internship Program in Israel Pose For a Photo On October 25 at the University of Nairobi
Israel In Kenya

“Happy to join Kenyan students from various universities and University of Nairobi Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stephen Kiama, during orientation before departure to Israel for an 11-month agri-training internship. The knowledge acquired will help them provide solutions to food security challenges upon their return!” stated Deputy Ambassador to Israel Dvora Dorsman.

In addition, they will also have professional guided tours which will give them experience on the rich food security in the Middle Eastern Country.

The internship is a flagship program by Mashav, Israel's agency for International Development Cooperation, which is at the heart of cooperation between Kenya and the Middle East Country in agriculture and water management.

According to the embassy, the goal of the program is to ensure that university and college students acquire skills and become successful agri-preneurs, mentors and leaders to inspire others.

Notably, the students are expected to implement what they learn. AICAT will also conduct follow up inspections for its alumnus upon conclusion of the programme.

Students who complete the program are given a chance to pitch their business ideas and the top three are financed in executing their idea.

In 2020, Israel pledged to deepen its agricultural cooperation with the Kenyan Government to ensure that the country is food secure during and after the corona virus pandemic.

“Israel has cooperated with Kenya in many projects and right now we want to enhance our cooperation on Agriculture and food security in general to ensure that Kenyans are food secure and also support President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda,” Israel Ambassador to Kenya, Oded Joseph, stated.

MASHAV Israel Expert, Mr Hatzor (centre) inspects the farm of 2020 Finalist Rhoda Mukundi (left), accompanied by Counsel Royi Ende
MASHAV Israel Expert, Mr Hatzor (centre) inspects the farm of 2020 Finalist Rhoda Mukundi (left), accompanied by Counsel Royi Ende on October 15
Israel In Kenya