KWS Initiates Action Over Leopard Spotted at Daystar University

  • File Photo of a Leopard
    File Photo of a Leopard
  • The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has taken action after a leopard was spotted roaming at Daystar University Athi River Campus.

    Through their official social media page on Tuesday, November 23, KWS stated that they had visited the institution and had set up a trap to recapture the wild animal.

    KWS further called on the collaboration from the members of the public in helping to recapture the wild animal on the loose risking the lives of the students in the institution.

    Daystar University, Athi River Campus
    Daystar University, Athi River Campus.
    The Standard

    "Kenya Wildlife Service Problem Animal Control team has responded to reports of a leopard that was sighted around Daystar University Main Campus in Athi River. The team has set up a trap to capture the big cat.

    "We urge members of the public who sight the leopard to get in touch through our toll free number 0800597000 for immediate intervention," the KWS statement read in part.

    Daystar University administration had already notified the students of the impending danger asking them to exercise caution.

    Caroline Mwangi, the Manager, University Services, had written an email informing the students and the community in the area regarding the wild animal on freely roaming in the area.

    The email further indicated that the wild anima, upon being spotted, went into hiding within the institution. Daystar Athi River borders a national park enabling such wild animals to sneak in.

    "This is to bring to our attention that a leopard was spotted (22/11/2021), and it vanished into the thicket near the dam adjacent to central stores," the e-mail read in part.

    The email additionally advised the students in the campus to move in groups to avoid being attacked by the leopard.

    "We have contacted the KWS and a trap is being laid within the campus," she stated.

    The email informed the students of the self defense mechanism to take in case they spot the leopard which included shouting and clapping their hands.

    "If the leopard charges, shout, clap your hands and wave your arms to appear bigger," cautioned the manager.

    File Photo of a Leopard
    File Photo of a Leopard