Miguna Case: Immigration Boss Turns Physical on Havi [VIDEO]

  • Alexander Muteshi and Nelson Havi
    Alexander Muteshi and Nelson Havi
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  • Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi on Wednesday, November 24, claimed that he was physically assaulted by Head of Immigration Alexander Muteshi while presenting a court order in the case involving exiled Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna. 

    Havi went public after a heated exchange between him and Muteshi while the lawyer sought to deliver the High Court ruling. 

    A video seen by Kenyans.co.ke showed a confrontation between the immigration boss and the LSK President.  Muteshi, who previously worked for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) as head of counter-terrorism, appeared incensed after he learnt he was being video recorded.

    The immigration boss was seen rising from his desk, quickly charged at Havi, and his hand was seen reaching out to the phone that was recording the dramatic encounter. While Havi claimed he was physically assaulted, the video did not capture the incident - only showing the senior government officer using his hand to hit the camera that was recording him. 

    According to Miguna's lawyer, the immigration boss indicated to him that the government did not recognize Miguna as a Kenyan citizen for the reason that Miguna renounced his Kenyan citizenship upon obtaining a Canadian passport.

    ''This morning, I met up with the Director- general state department of interior and citizen services, Alexander Muteshi to serve him with the court order and inquire on why the same had not been complied with.

    ''Alexander Mutashi indicated to me that Miguna Miguna must apply to regain citizenship, he categorically stated to me that the order will not be compiled with. He physically assaulted me when I recorded the service of the order upon him '' Havi remarked.

    Contrary to the High Court ruling, state officials have insisted that the Kenyan activist must apply to regain Kenyan citizenship. 

    Havi has since written to the Attorney General, asking the AG to advise the ministries of Interior and that of Foreign Affairs to comply with the order and ensure that the Kenyan embassy in Berlin Germany issues Miguna with an emergency travel document.

    The LSK president condemned the action taken by Muteshi terming it as fundamentally erroneous and flawed in law. Miguna also issued a publish statement handle defending  his lawyer. 

    ''This man, Alexander Muteshi Imbenzi, Director of Interior and Citizen Services, assaulted my lawyer, Nelson Havi on live video before telling him that they will not obey Justice Ong'udi's Order. Let's get those thugs convicted and their properties auctioned.'' the Canada-based barrister stated. 

    The High Court in Nairobi on Monday, November 22, issued an order directing that Miguna be given a temporary travel document by the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin.

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    Miguna Miguna
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