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Citizen TV actors Brian Ogana (Luwi) and Yasmin Said (Maria) pose for a photo during live set in August 2020

Countless articles have been published by in 2020 with most of the stories resonating well with the wider public. 

Articles that had the most views in 2020 touched on extra-ordinary incidences, media and TV show personalities and education.

Covid-19 related stories also featured prominently although the readers were more interested in finding out about measures that the government was taking to counter the spread of the virus like details of cessation movement and lockdowns.  

1. Kenyans Drive Out Chinese From Site, Police Watch Helplessly [VIDEO]

The timing of the story coincided with reports that foreigners, including Kenyans, were being mistreated in China with video clips showing people being thrown out in the streets in China following fears of a resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The emotive story touched on residents of Migori invading a gold mine over land grabbing claims, forcing a government administrator and the Chinese investor to flee.

2. Jalang'o Exposes Churchill Show Financial Secrets [VIDEO]

The article raised curiosity about the financial status of Churchill show, which Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o revealed in an interview.   

With the Churchill Show commanding a huge audience in the country, a lot of people wanted to find out the financial status of the show.

In the story, Jalang'o revealed that people sometimes see a packed audience and think Churchill makes a killing in ticket sales but few know about the costs involved in pulling such an event.   

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha at a school in Nyeri on October 28, 2020.
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha at a school in Nyeri on October 28, 2020.

3. Schools Reopening: Magoha's Team Proposes Reporting Date for All Students

With the Education Cabinet Secretary, Professor George Magoha issuing differing dates on school reopening the final set date drew a lot of attention from the public.

The 10-member special task force created by Magoha had advised that all students report to school on Monday October 26.

4. Sonko Surrenders Ksh1.3 Billion Property

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was reportedly searching for the family of Hawa Mohedin, who fled to the UK in 2016.

The family moved after receiving threats following a court case involving their property, as alleged by the governor.

Sonko took to social media on Saturday, January 4, 2020, to call upon any person with knowledge on how to reach the Hawa family to inform them that they should return to the country and reclaim their Ksh1.3 billion property.

5. President Kagame's Security Detail Manhandled Before Ruto [VIDEO]

The event happened back in February during the national prayer service for the late former President Daniel Moi.

The video showed what appeared to be a commotion moments after Kagame alights from his vehicle at 9.59 a.m.

Moments after being received by Deputy President William Ruto and other dignitaries including Tourism CS Najib Balala and PS Macharia Kamau, Kagame made his way to the stadium, but his security detail did not receive a warm welcome.

An image of Maria
Yasmin Said alias Maria posing for a photo at the 2020 Kalasha Awards red carpet on Saturday 12 December 2020.
Yasmin Said

6. Exclusive Details of Citizen TV Maria Actors' Salaries

With Maria being the most watched show in the country many Kenyans wanted to find out how much their adored stars earn.

The story debunked rumors going round in November 2020, claiming Maria series actors earned over Ksh 200,000 per month.

A top producer of the local tv shows privy to the financial details however refuted the claims and explained how actors are paid across local TV channels. 

7. How Billionaire Turned Dumpsite to Ksh700M Tourist Attraction [PHOTOS]

The story revolved around a billionaire who converted Kibarani dumpsite in Mombasa into a beautiful tourist attraction. 

The dump site posed a flight risk in the form of birds which would come to scavage on the garbage and collide with aircraft. 

It took the intervention of Mombasa billionaire commonly known as Asuu who owns Mombasa Cement and the goodwill of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Governor Joho to turn the eyesore into a sight to behold.

8. Mass Exodus Witnessed as More Kenyans Flee Nairobi [VIDEO]

The article was done at a time when Kenyans were anticipating that President Uhuru Kenyatta would impose another cessation of movement in Nairobi county as part of containment measures against Covid-19.

Hundreds of passengers were spotted at the country bus station in Nairobi on Wednesday, November 4, departing with their household commodities. 

The exodus commenced a few days before President Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation, reversing curfew period from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. and also extending it by 60 more days. 

9. Details of Moi's Daughter-in-law Who Missed Funeral

Rossana Pluda, the estranged wife to late President Daniel arap Moi's son, Philip Moi, was a notable absentee at the funeral of the late president.

However, Rosanna chose to celebrate her late father-in-law by posting several photos on her social media pages, including one in which she was seated next to the late president when Talissa and Kibet were still toddlers.

Rosanna has been entangled in a bitter divorce case with Philip, with the court ordering the president's son to pay Ksh250,000 a month for maintenance as well as Ksh7 million lump sum following their separation, back in 2008.

10. Tycoons Desert Troubled Multi-Billion Nairobi Estate

Kenyans have a curious interest in the lives of billionaires with this particular story touching on why tycoons reportedly deserted a posh Nairobi estate worth billions after they became targets of armed robbers.

A report detailed how residents abandoned palatials homes in Thome estate, Nairobi.

The estate, famous for coffee in the 1970s, was an inhabitant for wealthy politicians, company directors and civil servants who enjoyed a peaceful and lavish lifestyle.


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