Leaked Memo Reveals IG Mutyambai's Directive After Cops' Salaries Were Slashed

  • The Inspector General of the police, Hilary Mutyambai
    The Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai speaking at a special seating held by the National Assembly's Committee on Education on February 26, 2021
  • Police Inspector-General Hillary Mutyambai has agreed to look into the welfare of graduate officers whose salaries were slashed leading to public outcry.

    The move follows after graduate officers came out to lament on the decision by the National Police Service (NPS) to have their salaries chopped.

    To address the matter, Vigilance House has issued instructions to all regional commanders to submit the names of their graduating officers.

    According to a memo, the list of names was to be submitted by Monday, November 29,  before the pass out parade of 2,610 constables.

    An image of a payslip of one of the affecteAn image of a payslip of one of the affected police officers taken on November 24, 2021.d police officers taken on November 24, 2021.
    An image of a payslip of one of the affected police officers taken on November 24, 2021.

    On November 23, the police constables revealed that close to Ksh30,000 was slashed from their salaries.

    Officers who have been earning Group J 'Inspector of Police' salaries under the designation  'graduate constables' were shocked to receive Group F salaries which are equivalent to the salary of constables.

    Normally, an inspector of police earns a basic salary of Ksh 57,300 inclusion of officers who graduated before 2016 while the non-graduates in job group F earn a basic salary of Ksh 31,000.

    Additionally, they also enjoy a monthly house allowance of Ksh 24,950 whereas those in constable positions earn Ksh 14,300.

    The salary slash raised concerns across all formations including the Directorate Of Criminal Investigations (DCI) , with fears that the officers could indulge in activities contravening the law to boost their payslips.

    However, Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso downplayed the Memo stating that it was a leaked document.

    “It is an internal administrative communication, which is classified as “secret” and not for public consumption by now. It’s a leaked document,” he stated.

    He also added that the Court of Appeal had communicated on the slashing of their salaries on ruling No 352 of 2019 which was delivered on September 23.

    The affected group had protested and planned to move to court to challenge the decision adding that it was not the first time police authorities asked for documents.

    Police officers during a parade in December 2019.
    Police officers during a parade in December 2019.
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