Content Kenya Ordered Google to Remove From Internet

A wide angle photo of State House taken on March 2021.
A wide angle photo of State House taken on March 2021.

Kenya joined other governments around the world in asking Google to take down certain content from its online platforms.

The reasons for the takedowns ranged from national security, fraud and copyright 

According to a report released by Surfshark, Kenya submitted 31 requests to Google for the content they wanted to be removed.

From 2020 Kenya made 14 requests to Google. This included one content they found to be a copyright infringement, one takedown for fraud, two items bordering around hate speech and seven requests for violations the government found were not listed by Google.

A large sign outside Google's offices in San Francisco.
A large sign outside Google's offices in San Francisco.

The others were two requests for content that were found to have violated Privacy and Security regulations and one request for trademark violations. 

Notably, some of the 31 requests made by the Kenyan government were from more than a decade ago since Google started receiving takedown requests in 2009.

Governments request Google to pull down content through a variety of avenues. The tech giant company in its policies stated that the requests do not just affect seаrch, but the entire Google plаtform which is subject to content removаl requests. 

YouTube received 101,015 tаkedown requests in the lаst decаde, compаred to 60,898 for Google Seаrch. Google Docs, Gmаil, аnd Google Photos also received tаkedown requests.

"We receive content removal requests through a variety of avenues and from all levels of government — court orders, written requests from national and local government agencies, and requests from law enforcement professionals. 

"Sometimes users will forward us government removal requests, such as when someone attaches a court order showing certain content to be illegal. 

"Some requests ask for the removal of multiple pieces of content, and, conversely, there may be multiple requests that ask for the removal of the same piece of content," read part of a transparency report from Google.

But the tech giant stated that it always evaluates the legitimacy and completeness of a government request which must be in writing.

Google Headquartes in San Jose, Carlifonia
Google Headquarters in San Jose, California
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