20-Yr-Old Killed in JKUAT Love Triangle

  • JKUAT Juja Campus.
    JKUAT Juja Campus.
  • A 20-year-old student from Kirinyaga University, died on Tuesday, January 18, after falling from the third floor of an apartment in Juja area of Kiambu County.

    Detectives investigating the matter noted that the deceased was embroiled in a love triangle that turned fatal. 

    The investigating officers intimated that the student had spent two nights drinking with his girlfriend - a first year student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), at her house in Juja.

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    The detectives noted that on Sunday, January 16, the two had a good time alongside the girlfriend's roommate and another male. The following day, a fourth year JKUAT student, showed up at the house, and identified himself as the lady's other boyfriend.

    Playing her cards right, she informed her JKUAT counterpart that the Kirinyaga University student was her cousin.

    "The now five young adults continued partying until late Monday night, when hunger pangs hit them and they decided to go look for food outside. Her roommate, who was already intoxicated and could barely move, was left sleeping," DCI stated.

    The two men found all eateries closed and proceeded to party at a nearby joint till late in the night. When they went back to the woman's house at around 1am, the fourth-year student realised that he was caught up in a love triangle.

    Confronting his male counterpart, the duo ended up fighting at the third floor of the apartment upon which the deceased fell to his demise.

    "The apartment’s caretaker Dan Guchu, told detectives that he was woken up by a loud thud, before he rushed outside only to find the deceased’s body sprawled on the ground floor."

    "He immediately alerted detectives based at DCI Juja, who rushed to the scene and found the deceased’s body with multiple fractures, with blood oozing from his mouth and nose," read part of the statement from the DCI.

    The detectives noted that investigations had been launched in order to uncover the events that unfolded on the fateful night. 

    All occupants and guests at the woman's house were arrested and remain to be the main suspects. 

    Counselling psychologists have in the past advocated for students who are emotionally volatile and are going through stress to take up counselling sessions in order to prevent such cases from occurring.

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