Ex-Govt Driver Found Guilty of Kidnapping Cuban Doctors

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    The Cuban doctors Herera Correa (left) and Landy Rodriguez who were abducted in 2019
  • A former driver attached to the Mandera County Government was on Wednesday, February 15, been found guilty of the kidnapping of two Cuban Doctors - Landy Rodriguez, and Herera Correa.

    Milimani Law Courts by Magistrate Martha Nanzushi, delivered the verdict after the prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that the driver played an active role in the abduction of the two.

    The magistrate found that the driver was involved in planning the kidnapping, taking hostage of the doctors, and committing a terrorist act. 

    KDF officers perform a drill in a past training exercise
    KDF officers perform a drill in a past training exercise

    “After evaluating the evidence on record, I find the prosecution has proved the charges against the accused person herein and l convict him accordingly under section 215 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC),” Nanzushi ruled.

    In the submissions made before the court, the prosecution presented evidence that proved that the driver was subcontracted to deliver the Cuban surgeon and physician to Al Shabaab militants. 

    The accused was also reported to have been in possession of two sim cards, which he used to communicate with the outlawed extremist group. 

    He was further charged with illegally obtaining a Kenyan National Identity (ID) card through false pretence. However, he was found not guilty on the aforementioned charge, with the magistrate citing insufficient evidence.

    Magistrate Nanzushi will sentence the driver at a later date. According to the Penal Code, kidnapping is listed as a felony and is punishable by a seven-year jail term.

    "Any person who kidnaps or abducts any person with the intent to cause that person to be secretly and wrongfully confined is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years," reads the Penal Code. 

    In April 2019, the driver was tasked with transporting the doctors to the Mandera Referral Hospital. The county provided the vehicle and two police officers to boost security. 

    While on transit, the vehicle was blocked by two vehicles whose occupants were believed to be members of the Al Shabaab.  The armed men opened fire at the police officers, injuring one and killing the other.

    They then bundled the two doctors into their vehicle and sped off. The two have never been traced to date. 

    The Cuban doctors (right and left) in an undated photo
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