Suspect Who Vanished From Kenyan Prison Jailed in Turkey 

A man in handcuffs
A man in handcuffs

A suspect who mysteriously went missing from a police station in Kenya has been jailed in Turkey.

Selahaddin Gulen who was wanted by the Middle Eastern country on charges of belonging to a terrorist organisation was slapped with a fourty-month jail term by a Turkish court on Tuesday, March 22.

The man was accused of being part of a gang that staged a coup on the Turkish government in July 2016 fled the country after security forces thwarted the plan.

Undated image of An entrance to a Police Station
An image of a police station in Kenya

Turkish authorities traced the suspect to Nairobi, after escaping from his home country. Detectives arrested Gulen and was held in a police station within Kenya's capital city.

 However, efforts to have him charged in the country where he was accused were dealt a blow after a Court stopped his extradition. 

Gulen would later disappear from the police station under unclear circumstances. According to his wife, the man was captured by officers from the Turkish intelligence Unit in May 2021.

The duo, Gulen and his uncle Fethullah were accused by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, for planning to overthrow his government in July 2016.

Fethullah, an Imam based in the United States of America,  was accused of forming and belonging to the Feto organization, a terrorist group. However, he has since denied any involvement in the coup attempt.

The clergyman insisted that his organization  was purely a network of businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Turkey has continued to trail suspected members of the alleged network hiding abroad, claiming that it has managed to repatriate dozens of individuals since 2016.

Kenya has been working with several foreign countries to apprehend fugitives who flee their countries in a bid to evade justice. 

In January , the  officers of the Directorate of Criinal Investigations (DCI), working with British operatives nabbed two suspects accused of murder in the United Kingdom. The two were deported to London to face charges levelled against them.

Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya
Undated image of detectives at a crime scene in Nairobi, Kenya
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