Kenyans to Finally Use Nairobi Expressway From This Month [PRICES]

An ariel photo of the Nairobi Expressway
An aerial photo of the Nairobi Expressway.
Danito Kinyanjui

The long-awaited opening of the Nairobi Expressway to the public will happen before end of April 2022.

Moja Expressway Company told that motorists will be required to register in order to officially use the expressway once it is open to the public. 

The Moja Expressway Company, an affiliate of the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), will operate and maintain the road for 27 years. 

File Photo of Nairobi Expressway currently under construction running from Mlolongo to Westlands area
File Photo of Nairobi Expressway currently under construction running from Mlolongo to Westlands area

"The applications for use will be open to motorists before the official opening of the road this month," the source intimated. 

Motorists will be required to pay a fee so as to be allowed to use the Expressway. The fee is payable at the toll stations and is dependent on the distance travelled on the road. 

"The charge will be based on the distance covered by the motorist while using the Expressway. This means that a motorist pays the amount once they exit the Expressway. In the case that you use the Expressway from Westlands to Mlolongo, you will be deducted Ksh300 or 300 points if you use the electronic means of payment."

Further, the source clarified that a trip back from Mlolongo to Westlands would require the motorist to pay another Ksh300. 

From Mlolongo to Standard Gauge Railway, the amount is Ksh100, while from Mlolongo to Southern Bypass will see motorists part with Ksh210. 

Motorists using the James Gichuru route to Museum Hill will pay Ksh100 and those heading to Capital Centre and Haile Selassie Avenue will pay Ksh160. 

For drivers heading to the Southern Bypass from James Gichuru, they will pay Ksh210 while those heading to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and Eastern bypass, will pay Ksh260. 

From Westlands to Mombasa Road (Capital Centre), motorists will pay Ksh100, while those heading to the Eastern Bypass will pay Ksh210. 

Motorists heading to JKIA from Westlands will pay Ksh260. 

Drivers seeking to access the Standard Gauge Railway from Southern Bypass will pay Ksh160, those using the Eastern Bypass will pay Ksh100 and those from James Gichuru will remit Ksh260. 

Motorists plying the Expressway in order to access JKIA from Eastern Bypass will pay Ksh100, Ksh160 from Southern Bypass, Ksh160 from Capital Centre and Ksh260 from James Gichuru. 

The long-awaited project is a 27.1-kilometre road that begins at Mlolongo through JKIA as well as Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD) to Waiyaki Way in Westlands. 

The project, which began in June 2020, was expected to be completed by December 2021, but the dates were postponed by the Ministry of Transport. 

The initial budget of the project was estimated to cost Ksh65.2 billion as provided by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) but it rose to Ksh87.9 billion. 

The Ministry of Transport had affirmed that motorists would begin to use the expressway by end of March 2022. 

An undated image of the Nairobi Expressway passing above Waiyaki Way in Westlands, Nairobi