NTSA Cautions Kenyans Against Driving License Scammers

  • Thousands of uncollected Driving licences posted by NTSA on Friday March 4, 2022
    Thousands of uncollected Driving licenses posted by NTSA on Friday, March 4, 2022
  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has cautioned Kenyans against syndicates running driving license services on social media.

    In a statement on their official social media pages on Thursday, April 7, NTSA unmasked 4 social media pages that were offering fake driving license services.

    The authority reiterated that they do not own the online pages noting that many Kenyans had lost their hard money through the scam.

    An image of NTSA
    A fake Facebook page purporting to issue smart driving licenses.

    Additionally, NTSA urged motorists who had been conned through the scheme to report the matter to the police.

    "The Public is advised to be aware of purporting to offer NTSA services. We request members of the Public who have been conned through the page or listed mobile number: 0713232880, 0711907009 & 0707214408 to report to the nearest Police Station," read the statement in part.

    The statement by NTSA drew mixed reactions from a cross section of Kenyans, with some sharing their experience in the hands of the scammers. Others accused the relevant agencies of laxity to apprehend individuals running the syndicate.

    "If you have their mobile phone numbers, what is preventing you from arresting the culprits or you wanted us, civilians, to do the work of the state of arresting criminals then you tell us we have taken the law into our hands?" Caleb Chalo commented on Facebook.

    Other users urged NTSA to improve on their services noting that complaints were taking too long to be addressed.

    "An inquiry sent via email 'dlqueries@ntsa.go.ke,info@ntsa.go.ke, complaints@ntsa.go.ke' on Friday, April 1, to date is not replied to," Daniel Otieno, a Twitter user stated.

    NTSA has been on the spot in recent weeks following an expose by BBC Africa where some unscrupulous driving school officials and staff at NTSA colluded to give untrained Kenyans driving licenses.

    Consequently, the transport regulator issued a response stating that the matter was being handled by the DCI.  

    Gerald Wangai, head of Motor Vehicle inspection stated that administrative action would be taken against NTSA officials involved in the illegal business.

    “The authority has received that information and we have a department headed by the DCI at the NTSA and we will take steer action on anyone found culpable even if it means dismissal," Wangai stated.

    An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices
    An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices
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