Nairobi Expressway: How to Apply for Toll Card Online

A file image of the Nairobi Expressway in Nairobi.
A file image of the Nairobi Expressway in Nairobi.

Motorists planning to use the Nairobi Expressway can now apply for the Manual Toll Collection (MTC) card online.

Moja expressway, a subsidiary of China Road and Bridge Corporation, launched the service ahead of the highway's partial trial on Saturday, May 14.

In a statement on May 10, the company revealed that the MTC card was one of the payment methods that will be used for motorists using the 27-kilometer elevated road.

It was also divulged that the card owners would be offered a discount for every trip on the highway, which is one of President Uhuru Kenyatta's legacy projects.

A file image of the Moja Expressway Manual Toll Collection (MTC) card.
A file image of the Moja Expressway Manual Toll Collection (MTC) card.

"The card saves the user time as it is as a tap and go service with a 2 per cent discount on all toll fees payable through MTC card per trip," read the statement in part. 

How to Apply

Motorists who want to have the card are advised to visit the nairobiexpressway(dot)ke and create an account for either an individual account or corporate.

Applicants will be required to register using an ID number or a valid passport number. Other requirements include the creation of a password and a valid mobile phone number for verification.

Upon creating an account, a verification code will be sent to the mobile number used in the registration. After entering the verification code, users will be directed to the application portal.

For the card, users are advised to pick Apply for a new MTC card.

The applicant will then be required to enter the email address, a postal address, attach a copy of the ID/ Passport used in registration and pick a collection center - Nairobi Expressway Plaza at City Cabanas along Mombasa road.

Alternatively, Moja Expressway stated that interested motorists can apply for the electronic Toll Collection (ETC) which involves the installation of the On-Board Unit (OBU) that will bill, whenever one enters and exits the highway.

For the ETC motorists will be required to provide their addresses, emails, vehicle registration number, attach ID/Passport, vehicle logbook and select an installation center.

Installation of the OBU costs Ksh1,000, however, an official told in a past interview that motorists paying for over Ksh5,000 and above will not pay for the Ksh1,000 fee.

"You need to pay a minimum fee of Ksh2,000 after installation of the OBU, but when you pay Ksh5,000 and above, you won't need to pay the Ksh1,000 service charge, hence the whole amount will go towards the toll points. For the ETC, their deductions are done automatically at the OBU (On-Board Unit) device," the official stated. 

Motorists will also redeem toll points using the online platform.