How to Use Nairobi Expressway: Registration and Payment Procedure

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    An undated image of the Nairobi Expressway passing above Waiyaki Way in Westlands, Nairobi
  • Motorists who plan to use the Nairobi Expressway can now start registering ahead of Saturday, April 9, when the road will be opened to the public.

    According to the Moja Expressway company, motorists can either pay through three methods: cash, a Manual Toll Card or an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). 

    The company is currently mandated to operate and maintain the expressway for 27 years before handing over the project to the government of Kenya in the current public-private partnership deal. 

    Aerial view of Nairobi Expressway running from Mlolongo to Westlands
    Aerial view of Nairobi Expressway running from Mlolongo to Westlands

    For motorists planning to use MTC, it acts as a payment card whereby motorists will swipe at the toll stations and the fee will be deducted based on the distance covered. 

    However, in the case of an ETC, they use a points-based system where points will be deducted from the vehicle's On-Board Unit (OBU) that was pre-installed.

    Motorists will need to physically go to the toll station, open an account and provide required documentation such as a copy of ID and a copy of logbook as proof of vehicle ownership.

    The OBU is then fitted on the vehicle's windscreen to allow infrared scanning when the vehicle passes through the toll station. Further, drivers will be required to pay a service charge of Ksh1,000 for the ETC. 

     "There are two types of subscription, individual and corporate subscription. For individuals, the documents are as stated above. For corporate subscription, you will provide a copy of the company certification, PIN, copy of the contact person and their National ID and an introductory letter. Afterwards, you can buy the toll points that will be redeemed in order to use the expressway," a source at the company spoke to

    "The ETC Service holds many benefits including non-cash payment, saving time, less fuel consumption and discounts."

    In order to access the service, one needs to buy toll points of at least Ksh2,000, which will be deducted when the motorist uses the expressway. 

    "You need to pay a minimum fee of Ksh2,000, but when you pay Ksh5,000 and above, you won't need to pay the Ksh1,000 service charge, hence the whole amount will go towards the toll points. For the ETC, their deductions are done automatically at the OBU (On-Board Unit) device."

    The points are equivalent to the amount hence Ksh2,000 will equal 2,000 points.

    How to Apply:

    Motorists will be required to visit the Service station at Nairobi Expressway plaza and complete the ETC Service Subscriber Registration form.

    Present required documents including copies of National ID/ passport and logbook. A service charge of Ksh1,000 (inclusive of VAT) is required at this stage. 

    Once paid, the motorist's vehicle will be fitted with an OBU device. Motorists can then purchase toll points and load them into the OBU device. 

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How many points are deducted at each toll station?

    It depends on the distance travelled, hence it's converted back to cash during deductions. In the case from Westlands to Mlolongo, a total of 300 points will be deducted, equivalent to the money you'd have paid (Ksh300). 

    Can ATM cards be used along the MTC lanes?

    No, motorists will only be allowed to use an MTC card, which works essentially like an ATM card. 

    Do the toll points expire? and if so after how long?

    Yes, the points are only valid for one year.

    Can one transfer the toll points from one motorist to another?

    No, it is not possible as different vehicles are registered under different accounts. 

    What happens to motorists who own multiple vehicles? 

    A motorist can create one account which covers more than one vehicle. Once you create an account, different OBU's will be placed in each vehicle. One account can have more than two vehicles. The points are also shared within the same account hence if you have 5,000 points you can share them with another vehicle provided they are registered in the same account. 

    Remember, it's a must that the motorists physically register for the installation of the OBU, though it's not a must you bring all vehicles on the same day. But for motorists with more than one vehicle, make clarifications on the day of registration.

    In the case of an taxi driver who doesn't have the vehicle's logbook, how can they sign up for the ETC?

    They will need to provide a copy of the logbook, copy of the agreement between the driver and owner and copies of the national ID of the two parties involved. This is for proof basis hence why the documentation is needed.

    Point to Note:

    According to a Gazette notice dated December 2020, tuk-tuks, wheelbarrows, handcarts, scooters, and bicycles, will not be allowed on the expressway. Pedestrians and skaters will also be barred from using the road. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta accompanied by Transport CS James Macharia and NMS Director General Mohamed Badi in December 2021.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta accompanied by Transport CS James Macharia and NMS Director General Mohamed Badi in December 2021.