1,371 Shortlisted for Parliament Jobs, How to Check

  • Kenyans queued for jobs during a past recruitment exercise
    Kenyans queued for jobs during a past recruitment exercise.
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  • Six months after announcing 136 vacant positions, the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) has published a list of 1,371 shortlisted candidates.

    In a notice dated Saturday, May 21, the position of Clerk Assistant, which had 20 vacancies, has the highest number of shortlisted at 306 followed by Research Officer III with 174 shortlisted.

    The shortlisting comes after the commission administered tests in the first round after the advertisement was made towards the end of November in 2021.

    The recruitment exercise seeks to fill 18 categories ranging from legal counsels to public communications officers as well as cooks and waiters.

    Parliament Buildings in Nairobi in a photo shared by Senate in 2019

    The positions advertised were Senior Marketing Officer (one position), Sales Officer (one position), Legal Counsel (28 positions), Clerk Assistant (20 positions), Media Relations Officer (7 posts), and Public Communications Officer (3 posts).

    Others include; Research Officer (3 posts), Accountant (4 positions), Constituency Liaison Officer (3 posts), Public Communications Assistant (2 posts), Media Relations Assistant (1 position), Legal Clerk (6 posts), and Food and Beverage Controller.

    Secretaries, telephone operators, artisans, waiters, cooks, and office assistants will also be hired in the latest advertisement.

    How to Check

    All the candidates who had applied for the position can head to Parliament's website at parliament.go.ke/vacancies.

    All the names of the shortlisted candidates have been published with information regarding the date and venue of the successful candidates yet to be communicated.

    "Applicants whose names do not appear on the list were not successful. The interview dates and times for the respective positions will be published on the Parliament website," read a statement on the site.

    The posts are ranked according to the Parliamentary Service Commission scale which determines how much each successful applicant will take home at the end of the month.

    Requirements vary depending on the job position and scale. The basic ones include being a Kenyan citizen, having relevant academic qualifications, and clearance from the taxman.

    Jobseekers wait to hand in their documents during recruitment at County Hall in Nairobi, 2019.
    Jobseekers wait to hand in their documents during recruitment at County Hall in Nairobi, 2019.