Kenyan Wins Ksh 25 Million Global Prize for Outstanding Social Work

Entrance to United Nations offices in Nairobi
Entrance to United Nations offices in Nairobi.
Photo/United Nations

Charles Mbugua has been awarded Ksh25 million for his contribution to social work over the years in a local and global capacity. 

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) Secretary-General Rory Truell, who awarded Mbugua, acknowledged his advocacy for equality for persons with disability and women's rights.

Mbugua has served as the social work representative to UN-Habitat based in Nairobi for many years.

A file image of IFSW Charles Mbugua
A file image of IFSW Charles Mbugua
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"The International Federation of Social Workers is pleased to announce the award of the highest honour of the Federation- the Andrew Mouravieff-Apostol Medal- to Charles Mbugua and the Council of International Fellowship," Truell stated. 

"The award recognises Mbugua's outstanding contribution to professional social work nationally, regionally and globally in different cadres and now serving as the IFSW UN Representative for Africa Region," Truell added.

According to Mbugua's profile on the IFSW website, he has amassed years of experience as a social work practitioner.

Among the organisations he has worked with include the National Christian Council of Kenya, World Council of Churches, Local and Central Government in Kenya, World Vision International and Economic Commission for Africa. 

A founder member and Co-chair of the Commonwealth organisation for Social Work, Mbugua has been at the centre of policy changes in regard to social workers globally. 

"As the IFSW Main Representative at the UN in Nairobi, he was, alongside others instrumental in agitating for the changing of Rules of Procedure and engagement, a change which paved way for the formation of the World Urban Forum," IFSW stated. 

The federation also noted that Mbugua played key roles in several conferences in different countries in Africa. 

Mbugua was elated for receiving the award, noting that it would serve as a motivating factor for other social workers to excel in their quest to solve human-related issues. 

"The sentimental value of the award is elating and is a big honour to Africa and welfare champions in the region," he noted. 

A file image of IFSW Charles Mbugua
A file image of IFSW Charles Mbugua
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