From a House Girl to Five Star Hotel Director: Story of Patricia Mutie

  • Photo collage between Patricia Mutie and Fairmont Hotel in Dubai
    Photo collage between Patricia Mutie and Fairmont Hotel in Dubai
  • Patricia Mutie is among Kenyan women breaking the glass ceiling with outstanding achievements globally.

    Speaking to Lynn Ngugi Network on Tuesday, June 14, Mutie detailed that she moved from being a house help to securing employment with Fairmont Hotel in Dubai.

    At that time, Mutie's work visa was almost expiring when she decided to try out her luck in the hotel industry. She revealed to Lynn that she landed a job as a concierge within 30 minutes after submitting her resume to the hotel's top officials.

    "I just went to the reception and asked for the HR and they directed me to the fourth floor. I went and met a gentleman. He took my CV and looked at it then he told me, what I have you are too overqualified.  I told him I will take it. In a space of 30 minutes, I had met top officials and I was hired," Mutie told Lynn Ngugi Network.

    Photo collage of Patricia Mutie during an interview with Lynn Ngugi
    Photo collage of Patricia Mutie during an interview with Lynn Ngugi
    Lynn Ngugi Network

    At the five-star hotel, Mutie served in different departments, rising through the ranks. However, she was forced to resign after she found herself scrubbing the toilets and doing other tasks of a house help.

    After serving her resignation letter, Mutie was housed by friends in Dubai for four months before she landed another job opportunity at a palace.

    At the palace, she was picked as an Assistant Executive Housekeeper and her starting salary was Ksh336,000 without allowances.

    "Congratulations you are an Assistant Executive House Keeper. I saw the salary offered and for a moment I thought they had made a mistake. I had a letter stating that I would be taking home Ksh336,000 as minimum salary and that was in 2007," Mutie stated.

    That was a turning point in her life as she was now an important figure Dubai's hotel industry. Mutie was at the fore front in the opening of Address Mall in Dubai.

    Following her zeal and attributable achievement, she was promoted to lead Dubai Mall Hotel.

    "I moved from the palace to become an executive housekeeper of Dubai Mall Hotel. I was the big mama there. Anything to do with furniture, decorations and even in charge of all cleaning activities in the Mall," she remarked.

    However, the pandemic ate into her fortunes with the hotel industry reeling from the painful effects of the virus.

    Before the economic hit, she had gained extensive experience in hotel operations and development. Her last job was as a Director of Guest Experience and previously held positions such as Front office Director, Executive Housekeeper, and customer service. She was also a champion in various company projects such as Loyalty programs and change implementation.

    She gained the reputation of being a passionate and fearless leader, who achieves results through effective strategy development and implementation, setting processes, establishing service standards and empowering teams, and grooming individuals for succession and talent development.

    With over 18 years of work experience in hospitality and working for reputable chains in Dubai for 12 years, Mutie returned to the country to establish Zaburi Guest House.

    The hotel now serves as part of her retirement venture. Before moving to Dubai, Mutie had worked with Kenya’s Block Hotels and the Kenya Airways.

    File photo of Patricia Mutie
    File photo of Patricia Mutie